The Followers of the Flame

Emerging within the past 10 years, The Followers of the Flame began as a collectively small movement seen only in the quieter slums of Hyrule Castle Town. Lone, robed preaches would be seen and heard speaking grossly and openly against the non-human inhabitants of the land, making bold claims of “impurity” existing within the land and being sourced from these various species. Though a small few arrests were made in this time, only a single name was ever given to identify any of the individuals: Regol. Despite this, it was heavily rumoured that the cult answered to a certain leadership circle; a group of around four or five individuals who were identified by their black cloaks (which stood apart from the traditional grey as worn by others) and, oddly, by an identical sound of voice.

In the early days of our mercenary party moving about Hyrule, it became clearer to most of the common people, let alone those who were formally tasked with keeping track of the cult’s movements, that The Followers of the Flame had begun to move beyond the walls of Castle Town. Sightings were made as near as Kakariko Village, and as far as the Kokiri Forest, as it appeared that their numbers had swelled increasingly. Some rumours suggested that the cult had outsourced beyond Hyrule for these numbers, though this has never actually been confirmed.

In later days, several new discoveries were made that directly related to the cult, beginning with the identification of various red-cloaked members. This not only denoted a greater status of authority, but also appeared to distinguish the wearers apart from other members as being more magically gifted and powerful. Additionally, the “leadership circle” theory was beginning to suffer blows, as (predominately) the party began to find reasons to believe that there may very well be only a single leader among them. A venture into the cult’s lair in Castle Town revealed the presence of various captives who appeared to identify closely with the various cult leaders as seen and heard in various places in town.

Following a confrontation with the sole leader of the Followers of the Flame, Regol, it became clear that the individual was, in fact, a doppelganger that had posed as each and every leader of the cult. In the creature’s possession was a written instruction to prepare for the assassination of a “King”, without essentially making it clear which King in Hyrule it may refer to.

Since Regol’s downfall, it would seem that the remaining Followers of the Flame have fallen in with the collective invading forces of the Gerudo, along with any other outsourced mercenaries that they may have acquired. It would also appear that the red-robed cultists answer more directly to whoever leads the Gerudo.

The Followers of the Flame

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