Kin's Wolf Companion [DECEASED]


Shadow is a large Wolf, dark grey almost black in colour. He is larger than the average wolf and stands at 2"10’ and is 5"4’ long.
His eyes are Orange in colour and he as a large scar over his left eye from once running into Kinoko’s Scimitar which was resting against a stool as a pup.

Shadow’s dark fur allows him to easily blend into the shadows of the dark (hence his naming)


Shadow is Kinoko’s animal companion. He was born shortly after the Civil War between the Zora and Gerudo to Silverfang.

Shadow and Kin share a bond both spiritually and mentally, allowing them to communicate telepathically to a degree.

Shadow is extremely loyal to Kin and will always put himself in harm’s way to protect his owner and friend. Kin can often be seen riding on Shadow or having Shadow carry part or all of his travelling pack.

Similar to a common dog, Shadow loves playing fetch and a torch is often the stick of choice due to his large size


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