The King in the West


The only known living Gerudo male, standing at a towering 7’6" tall, is best recognised for his green-tainted skin and fiery red hair. He is constantly adorned in Gerudo battle armour, decorated with a flowing red cape.


Also goes by the name Ganon. Those who even know of his existence understand his evil nature and position of authority within the Gerudo tribe. He is suspected to have some sort of involvement with current cult activity within Hyrule, which was confirmed by a Gerudo woman to the party. His return to Hyrule has been proclaimed before, though it remains unclear when this will occur.

Ganondorf’s first reveal came in the Spirit Temple, where he ended the long-standing lives of the sorceress sisters Koume and Kotake and made an offer of power to Talir, which was hesitantly refused. He is currently known to reside in Hyrule Castle, which he has claimed dominion over during the recent Gerudo invasion.


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