Goron Leader


Darunia stands at roughly 6 feet and 8 inches tall. His physical features bear many similarities to that of a typical Goron – stone-like skin, large stomach, etc. – but also several differences. For instance, his facial hair has been grown out far longer than that of any other Goron on Death Mountain, no doubt to symbolise his position of authority within the tribe. Additionally, he is commonly seen bearing a scowling expression on his face, but this is viewed by the tribe more as a standard expression than a sign of constantly being angry, or anything of the sort; truthfully, it’s difficult for anyone to tell when Darunia is either pleased or frustrated given his expression alone.Darunia.png


Referred to as “Big Brother” by his kin, Darunia is the leader of the Valoor Goron tribe, who currently inhabit Death Mountain in Hyrule. A relatively unknown leadership figure by most of Hyrule’s inhabitants outside of the mountain, he is a strong individual who equally shows compassion to his kin and brutality to his enemies. His rise to leadership goes hand in hand with the tale of his victory over a verocious monster that once lurked within Death Mountain.


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