Legends of Hyrule

Session 19 Summary (5/12)

A Poison Most Foul

Emerging from Talir’s home, the party moved through Zora’s Domain once more. On their way to King Zora’s chamber, they noticed a much larger gathering of Zora in the cavern than on the previous day, all of whom were fully aware of the party’s presence and quietly murmured in discussion amongst themselves as the group moved on. Once inside the chamber, they immediately noticed that the King was nowhere to be seen, but they were quickly informed by his personal assistant that King Zora had been distressed prior to the party’s arrival and had moved at once through the tunnel behind his “throne”. Without hesitation (and with Rocky still without her gear), the party moved through that very same tunnel, which was lightly flooded with water, and emerged out into a new area.

Once outside, they stood before yet another lake. Standing in front of this lake on a platform was King Zora, whose attention appeared to be staring out into the water. While Costanza, Kin, Shadow and Talir approached the King, the others remained further back. Talir opened the conversation with King Zora, noticing that he looked as though he had been weeping. It was quickly revealed that the King had received a note during the night that noted his daughter, Ruto’s kidnapping, and a request for him to meet the kidnappers in the exact spot on which he now stood if he had any hope of getting her back. At this stage, Luth rejoined the party as they spent a brief few moments discussing whether they truly wanted to assist with finding Ruto or not.

Costanza couldn’t help but shake the feeling that they were being watched, prompting her to inform the rest of the party of this feeling. They each immediately began scouting the area through, sight, sound and even smell, finding little sign of any sort of natural presence. While the note itself possessed no magical properties, there were magical presences detected somewhere nearby, getting ever closer to the King. Sensing the danger at hand, both King Zora and several party members decided that it would be best to move back inside Zora’s Domain, but they were unable to act before a red-cloaked individual leaped from within the lake and threw two daggers directly into the King’s back.

Before they could act, the assassin moved towards the King and sunk further blows into him through the use of two scimitars, both of which carried a poisonous touch. As Luth moved to fire arrows at the assassin from a distance he called for Talir to take the King to safety. Instead, Talir administered a healing potion to the King and attempted to take the assassin’s attention. As this occurred, another assassin emerged from the water while wielding a light crossbow, taking aim at King Zora and dealing further damage to him.

Rocky rolled quickly up the platform and flung the King over her back, moving as quickly as possible with him back towards the tunnel into Zora’s Domain. As she did this, the crossbow assassin pursued them, attempting to get a better aim at the King for a killing blow. In the process, this assassin, got a clear shot at Luth and struck him with a poisoned bolt, which placed him into immediate unconscious and, eventually, death.

Costanza, Kin, Talir and Shadow all directly engaged the melee assassin in an attempt to prevent them from chasing after Rocky and King Zora. Though Kin fell unconscious in the process, the lot of them were eventually able to bring down the assassin. Meanwhile, Rocky was barely able to escape the bolts of the crossbow assassin, taking the King inside the tunnel and informing the guards (who up until now had barely heard Talir shouting for help), that the King needed protection and that her companions were in need of assistance, gaining her gear and weapons back in the process. Afterwards, she re-emerged from the tunnel and engaged the final assassin. With Talir’s assistance, the assassin was brought down.


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