Legends of Hyrule

Session 18 Summary (28/11)

Counsel with King Zora

Talir dove immediately into the Zora River so as to pursue the fleeing Gerudo, with Kin quickly accompanying him after shapeshifting into the form of a River Zora. At the same time, Shadow Luth pursued them on land, with Costanza and Rocky choosing to wait by the waterfall. It took less than a minute before Talir was able to grab a hold of the Gerudo, but then began to struggle against the river’s current so as to get back on dry land. Even with Kin’s help, the task seemed rather difficult, and so Luth decided that he should attempt to throw a rope out to them from the nearest spot of land. Unfortunately for him, the throw was quite poor, as he essentially threw his weight too far forward and plummeted into the river as well. Despite further struggles, all party members were soon out of the water, where Costanza, Rocky and Shadow soon joined them.

After yet another interrogation, the Gerudo came out with the name of her true master: Ganon. After learning this, Talir killed her, prompting the party to move back to the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Back at the entrance, Talir indicated that a plaque that rested on the ground before the waterfall was they key to gaining entry into the Domain, and then proceeded to whistle a strange, peaceful melody. As a result, a tunnel behind the waterfall was revealed, into which the party jumped into and progressed through.

The party then entered a large cavern that was composed of a single, stone pathway that curbed around a large pool of clear water, within which several Zora could be seen relaxing. Guided by Talir, the party moved to a flight of stairs that ascended to another room. On the way up, several party members noticed that the walls were encrusted with small sapphires, which prompted Talir to inform them that the gems weren’t to be touched.

At the top of the staircase, the party was greeted by a small troop of Zora soldiers, who quickly disarmed Rocky and surrounded her with various spears. After Talir showed one of the guards the notice that was handed to him by Leoni, they were permitted to speak directly to King Zora, who sat on the opposite side of the room in front of the entrance to yet another tunnel.

Within a few minutes of speaking to the King, it became clear to most party members, particularly Rocky, that he was not taking the potential threat against his life all that seriously. In reply, Rocky mocked the King’s stance on the situation, which almost resulted in her being thrown into a lake by the guards; thankfully, Talir was able to calm King Zora down from feeling so offended. After further talking, the King appeared to concede his stance slightly, but insisted that any remaining discussions be postponed to the next morning, issuing for Talir to house the party in his own home overnight.

After being taken to Talir’s home, being a rather oversized shell of sorts, the party set about exploring much of the Paladin’s home. Despite Talir showing his desire to be left alone in his room, Rocky remained in there and questioned Talir about several aspects of the room, as well as a small necklace. Talir revealed to Rocky certain details of his family, including certain Gerudo involvement. Soon enough, all party members took rest for the evening, regaining much needed strength before the next day.


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