Legends of Hyrule

Session 12 Summary (10/10)

A Western Influence

Reunited with Micheletto, the party took a few moments to exchange names with their two newest companions, Rocky (the Goron) and Costanza (the Dragonborn) before preparing to head further inside the lair of the Followers of the Flame. As they finished preparations, a few of them took notice of several noises that were coming from a nearby dorm room, separate to the one that Rocky and Costanza had been found in. After a failed attempt from Rocky in breaking open the locked door leading inside, Luth managed to kick it open, revealing yet another room covered in darkness. Still, he did not falter, lighting up a candle as he headed inside while Auriel, Micheletto and Red opted to remain outside and keep watch.

First glances around the room revealed a number of restraints, chains and other various devices and mechanisms that were stained with much blood and bile, including a large, round table in the center of the room. Over on the right-hand side of the room, Talir came upon a number of bookshelves and immediately began cleaning the dust off of them and reading through them for anything of interest. At the same time, Costanza, Luth and Rocky proceeded over to the back wall, finding four individuals chained to the wall. Luth took a particular interest in one of the men, recognising him as the same man who he had pursued through town less only an hour earlier. Upon being questioned, the man insisted that he had not been allowed to leave the room for quite a long time, and that he had been questioned by the same man every day about every little detail of himself – who he was, what he did for a living, and so on – after receiving about a week’s worth of “pure pain”. The same man, who noted that his name was Talo, noted that the man who had been questioning him was seated to his right, prompting the surrounding party members to investigate the nearby prisoner; an individual who had notably long, silver hair. Upon closer inspection, the silver-haired man appeared to be dead.

Meanwhile, Talir continued to pour through a number of old books, many of which detailed the architectural history of Hyrule Castle Town, some even giving mention to how the relationship between the people of Hyrule and the three Godesses – Din, Farore and Nayru – helped form the way that the town was structured. Among these, Talir found a book written in a language that he could not understand, but that he gathered possessed some magical properties to it. After a short time, Kin wandered over and inspected the book, discovering that it was written in a form of Gerudo, containing several details pertaining to certain deities worshiped by the Gerudo people and the rituals that were involved in such worship; however, Kin was unable to properly translate the book.

Back to where the prisoners were being held, Rocky moved to question an elderly man on the far left-hand side of the room – a man she recognised to be someone who matched the description of one of the leaders of the Followers of the Flame. After questioning him, it seemed that he, too, had been held in that very room for some time. As it became clear that all of the men (with exception to the fourth, who was unconscious at the time with a faint pulse) had features that corresponded with the cult’s known leaders, Auriel, Micheletto and Red joined them inside of the room. Meeting Red for the first time, Rocky moved to question the cultist about his true identity and, after seeing him exhibit much hesitation, became much more aggressive with the questioning, prompting Luth to hold a knife to Red’s throat. Despite giving the name “Stark”, Rocky saw through Red’s lies and threatened violence, prompting him to reveal that his name was Regol – a name that was shared by all of the Followers of the Flame so as to disguise the true identities of its members.

Soon, Red pleaded with the party to move with him further into the lair so that the cult’s leader could be dealt with before he would have a chance to escape, but they declined, insisting that the prisoners be led out of there and into the safe hands of the city guard. As a result, Red dropped a smoke bomb into the room and fled. At the same time, Kin noticed two individuals move into the room through the smoke and grab a hold of both Auriel and Micheletto, dragging them from the room. As the party composed themselves and gave chase out of the room, they were met by four cultists and Red in an ambush. During the ensuing fight, Kin managed to use his Thunderwave spell to deal with most of the cultists, with Red proving to be more adept of a challenge as he revealed his ability to use magic. After a few exchanges of might and magic – as well as Luth sampling the mysterious green potion for the very first time, leading to him becoming stronger and faster for a short period of time – Talir was successfully able to sneak up behind Red and slice through his spine, killing him immediately.

Following the conflict, a note was discovered on Red’s body – along with a fair amount of gold – imploring that the cultist attempt to lead the party upstairs to whomever wrote it. After a moment of discussion, a female scream was heard coming from an unexplored corridor, prompting them to move further into the lair. The party soon entered into a hallway bearing six suits of armour, three lined along each wall, with a staircase further ahead. Sensing danger, Kin instructed his fairy to investigate each of the suits individually. Finding only bones in one of the first five suits, the fairy investigated the last one, triggering some sort of magical spell that sent bolts of lightning flying towards it. Despite his attempts to revive the fairy, Kin was left to mourn the loss of his companion before rejoining the others in tying the prisoners up safely and stealthily moving upstairs.

Stopping only a few feet before the top of the staircase, the party members noticed that the stairs entered into a large room that occupied the entire space of the floor. Peering into the room, they noticed that it had been laid out in a typical dinning room setting, with a long, wooden table sitting in the center of the room. They also noticed that the walls were adorned with both banners bearing the Gerudo symbol as well as a variety of severed heads from various races; Elven, Goron, Zora, and others. Upon the far side of the table stood two Gerudo women holding Auriel in place as another Gerudo accompanied a black cloaked individual in a short walk around the right hand side of the table, with the two involved in a rather deep conversation at the time. As the pair neared the end of the table closest to the staircase, both Talir and Rocky made the decision to emerge from their hiding place, confronting them.

This action prompted the cult leader, Regol, to “welcome” the intruders in his lair and have Auriel brought closer towards the party while also keeping her restrained on the table. Regol then moved up on to the table, moving behind Auriel and showcasing the fact that he had already removed her Elven ears, making her “as close to human as possible, but not close enough”. As a final, menacing act, Regol drew a large blade and severed Auriel’s head from her body, allowing it to tumble to the floor. He then asked the remaining intruders in his lair: “Who will be next”?


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