The Magical Scrolls

Green Scroll
Written entirely in Deku. Suspected to have a link to the Kokiri Forest.
“I lie in a place both sacred and tranquil, cloaked by the wonders of a lost world. Upon a greener earth, you’ll find me, beyond the darkness, bathed in light.”

Red Scroll
Written entirely in the Goron language. Suspected to have a link to Death Mountain.
“I burn in darkness, not bright, home to many creatures that do not fear the night. Challenge me with blazing strength and pride, or suffer under my flaming tide.”

Blue Scroll
Written entirely in the Zora language. Suspected to have a link to Zora’s Domain or Lake Hylia.
“Beneath clear waters I sleep still and silent, both cool and dry. Be calm and confident in your approach, or within me you shall surely die. Surrounded by land and water, not by sea, won’t you come and find me?”

Purple Scroll
Written entirely in Thieve’s Cant. Suspected to have a link to Kakariko Village.
“I watch closely over those who sleep still and silent, their souls kept close to my chest. Ascend, then descend within me, and you will also be laid to rest.”

Orange Scroll
Written entirely in Gerudo. Suspected to have a link to Gerudo Valley.
“In deep sands I slumber, accepting to those both old and younger. Guided by one beyond the grave, you’ll find me, if only you’ll pay tribute to the proper deities.”

Yellow Scroll
Written entirely in Common. Suspected to have a link to Castle Town, perhaps even the Temple of Time.
“In a plane most sacred, I await one who is rightly chosen. No trials await this hero, no words need be spoken. Come and give prayer, your path will stand clear. Take up the name Hero of Time, to protect and serve those you hold dear.”

The Magical Scrolls

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