Legends of Hyrule

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Session 1 Summary (4/7)
The Adventure Begins!

Our adventure opened on this evening with the introduction of three characters:

  • Voldy (a.k.a. “He Who Must Not Be Named”, played by Jess): a Sheikah rogue with an attitude who isn’t afraid to show it.
  • Auriel (played by Jayde): an Elven ranger who enjoyed firing arrows first and asking questions later.
  • Talir (played by Rhys): a Zora paladin who wielded both a code of honour and a shady past.

Things kicked off with our three newly-formed companions being brought together in Hyrule Castle Town by a mercernary contractor named Frodo, setting them off out into Hyrule Field to dispose of a pack of nearby wolves and return with their hides as proof of the kills. After having made part of the journey, the group discovered two distinctive tracks; a set of wolf tracks leading east and a pair of humanoid tracks heading south. The group opted to continue following the wolf tracks, agreeing to come back and investigate the humanoid tracks later.

They soon encountered the wolves across a nearby river and were able to dispose of the beasts without too much trouble. While Talir skinned the wolves, Auriel discovered a blue jewel nearby and later showed it to Voldy, agreeing to split any profit on its sale between the two of them; at this time Voldy revealed his true name to Auriel, so that only Talir was left to refer to him as “He Who Must Not Be Named”.

After heading back to where the different tracks separated from one-another, the group took some time to decide that Voldy would hurry back into town and collect the reward for the hides and return to the others before the drawbridge leading into town was shut, while Auriel and Talir continued to investigate the humanoid tracks. In the process, Frodo informed Voldy that both Auriel and Talir would need to be present the next time a contract was taken and then a payment was claimed, otherwise he would never allow them to work for him again. As this happened, Auriel and Talir chose to wait in place for Voldy to return.

After a couple of Stalchild encounters (during which Voldy was injured by a stray arrow from Auriel), the party set up camp further south in Hyrule Field. While Voldy slept, Auriel and Talir encountered a marching band of Gerudo thieves, and were narrowly able to avoid conflict with them, but were also unable to discover their purpose or where they were heading. At dawn, the group picked up the trail of humanoid footprints and headed further south.

The group soon came upon a large pyre set before a stretch of trees and were evidently being logged, and Voldy set about exploring the back of it while Talir spoke with a cloaked old man at the front of it. During the conversation, the old man spoke of “purifying” the nearby trees by burning them, and that he was devoted to a “greater power”, while at the same time Voldy discovered a variety of small bones within the pyre itself, though it was unclear to what or whom they belonged to. As Voldy joined the others, he managed to secure a private conversation with the old man, and was able to learn that his “Master” was riding in from the west under the title of “King of Thieves”, but that he would soon “create change in Hyrule”. He also demanded that Voldy make a “sacrifice” of sorts in order to learn even more information about his cause. Before having the chance to learn more, Auriel opted to fire an arrow into the old man, successfully knocking him to the ground and causing him to trigger a goblin attack.

The battle proved to be far tougher than the companions could have imagined, with the odds being stacked against them. Talir lost his main weapon in the branches above the combatants before Voldy was knocked unconscious, and soon enough a goblin boss emerged with a javelin in hand, piercing Auriel with it, then leaving her to bleed out and likely die. This left Talir to face a three on one assault, which he was not able to overcome. Voldy later awoke to a rather empty battlefield, but was set upon by the old man, who opted to claim the rogue’s tongue as a form of sacrifice for survival. It remains to be seen whether the others managed to survive the fight or not.

Session 2 Summary (18/7)
Alive and well!

They’re alive! The party has managed to survive the attack from the goblin forces, albeit featuring the loss of Voldy’s tongue. The party awoke in Lon Lon Ranch and were able to locate some writing materials for Voldy to communicate with the others, with the help the owner of the farm, Talon. Talon explained to the group that they were rescued by a mysterious man garbed in white, religious clothing, whom they soon learned to be a young man named Durian. After meeting one another, Durian returned all of the equipment that he had found amongst their bodies and agreed (after a bit of persuasion) to accompany the group back to Hyrule Castle Town.

After a brief wolf encounter in front of the drawbridge, the group arrived safely back to Castle Town and ran into Frodo, agreeing to take up a new contract and see it through correctly as a team in exchange for payment and supplies beforehand, with the supplies to be picked up at dawn the next day. In the meantime, the party headed towards the Drunken Goron Inn as suggested by Frodo, where Voldy headed immediately to their reserved room as the other’s lingered downstairs at the tavern. It was at this point in time that Auriel was unsuccessful in pick-pocketing a large, drunken man, who then seemed quite eager to pummel the rogue unless she gave him three coins to replace the single coin that she had taken from him; in accordance with Talir’s advice, she paid the man what he asked, but was injured after being thrown into a stack of chairs.

The group headed upstairs, but did not know which of the ten rooms available was the one that had been reserved for them. After two unsuccessful checks, Durian offered to head back downstairs and re-check the room number. As he left, a loud thump was heard coming from a room down the hall, and Talir immediately went to investigate. He heard shuffling/rustling noises coming from inside, and so he broke the lock off door and crept inside the dimly-lit room. After a short time inside, he came to blows with a creature that he could not identify until he had managed to kill it, discovering that it was an orc. In the meantime, Auriel has went to bed instead of following Talir, and Durian was held up by the same drunked man that had intimidated Auriel earlier, managing to get away after the brute passed out. Before the night was over, Talir showed Durian the body of the defeated orc, and both men were left to wonder exactly how the beast had managed to enter the inn without being seen by any of the guards or civilians.

Talir and Voldy awoke the next morning to find that Auriel and Durian had already left, and so Talir ventured out to find them while Voldy remained behind. After cleaning orc blood off his clothing, Talir met up with Durian back at the inn, and the two decided to head out to the Temple of Time in the hopes of learning more about the orc’s possible entry into the city from High Priest Jarvan. It was there that they learned that Jarvan had died several months earlier, which shocked Durian and caused him to leave the temple in great sorrow; Talir followed on and comforted him before deciding to head back into the temple to learn more about the three goddesses and the spiritual stones from another priest.

Leaving Durian to mourn, Talir reunited with Auriel and Voldy before getting a new contract and equipment from Frodo, taking them back outside of town to a nearby cave, located west of the drawbridge. They encountered four more wolves just outside of the cave, and also faced two orcs who emerged from the cave in the midst of battle. The group was successful in their battle against the foes, and made the decision to venture into the cave in order to confront any other potential threats that remained.

Session 3 Summary (26/7)
New allies and greater foes!

Our three companions decided to rest overnight before venturing into the cave in search of what is bringing various monsters to the location. Not much happened for most of the night, save for a few minutes of tension as two nearby creatures search the opposite side of the riverbank as Auriel and Talir slept and Voldy kept hidden; thankfully, the party wasn’t spotted and the creatures returned to the cave after conversing between themselves in a language heavily consisting of grunts and snarls.

At dawn the party heads into the cave, where Auriel’s dark vision served her well, while Talir decided to light up a lantern for both his benefit and Voldy’s. The first couple of tunnels showed no threatening or interesting signs, save for the rocks seeming damp overall and fairly slippery in certain spots. In the first reasonably open chamber that the group stumbled upon, however, they encountered two Keese that proved to be of little difficulty for the party to overcome. Not long afterwards, Voldy was lifted onto a ledge where he found a wooden chest with a note attached, warning any travelers of a Minotaur that patrolled the cave. Voldy took 50 gold coins from the chest and chose to not share it with the others, but did signal to them that they needed to be quiet and cautious when moving ahead.

In the next main chamber, Auriel and Voldy split up to search two different parts of the cavern – one showing a small source of light and the other being coated in complete darkness, while Talir waited at the exit from the previous tunnel. While waiting, Talir decided to cast Detect Evil, sensing a disturbing presence in the direction that Voldy was headed. He then opted to head out and find the source of the disturbance, and was subsequently attacked and momentarily crushed by a Wallmaster. As this happened, Voldy turned and noticed the creature attacking Talir, and decided to essentially “nope” the situation by fleeing towards Auriel.

Talir was gravely wounded by the creature, but was able to flee towards the others, where their combined effort was enough to take it down. The group then proceeded together towards a tunnel further north in the cave where a semi-bright flickering light could be seen further down. It was then that they each heard the same grunts from the creatures that had almost caught them the night before, and so they opted to follow a different light source further east in the cave.

Auriel moved ahead of the group through a rather tight space and was almost struck by a falling Skulltula, which proved to be of little challenge to the party. They all then entered a large, well-lit room where they noticed three caged individuals in the center of the room; a hooded man, a green-garbed boy and a wolf with black and grey fur. The two caged humans introduced themselves as Luth and Kinoko (“Kin” for short), with the wolf being introduced as Kin’s companion, Shadow, before they were set free by Voldy as she broke the locks on their cages with her dagger, breaking the weapon in the process.

As all this occurred, the group sounded their presence to three nearby orcs, who entered the room and engaged the party. Thankfully Auriel, Talir, Shadow and Voldy proved capable enough in dealing with the orcs as both Luth and Kin searched for Luth’s missing gear – weapons included – and were able to recover them all as the fight concluded. Talir discovered yet another Gerudo symbol on one of the orc bodies, but chose to keep the piece of cloth that bore the symbol to himself. Afterwards, Voldy noticed the presence of a nearby woman with long red hair, before the woman fled down the same tunnel that the party entered the room through. After a quick discussion, including an exchange of hand gestures from the Thieve’s Cant between Luth and Voldy, the party decided to give chase.

The party follows the sounds of distant footsteps as directed by Voldy, eventually leading them back to the northern tunnel where the first light source once burned, and was then no longer visable. Instead of a woman, the party encountered a large Minotaur that wielded an equally large greataxe. The battle the proceeded this encounter was incredibly tough, with both Luth and Talir falling unconscious from lengthy gashes across the front of their bodies; Auriel also fell unconscious after being gored by the beast and thrown roughly 10 feet away from where she once stood. Fortunately, Voldy was able to slay the creature with a well-placed arrow to the center of its throat, after which both Kin and Voldy set to work mending the wounds of their fallen companions. Both Auriel and Luth were stabilised and remained unconscious, while Talir was stabilised and managed to regain consciousness.

The group was left to lick their wounds in the cave, while the mysterious woman was left to seemingly escape them. The source of the monsters remains undiscovered.

Session 4 Summary (1/8)
A greater task is set.

After a nail-biting victory against a large Minotaur, only Kin, Shadow and Voldy were left standing, with Auriel and Luth remaining unconscious and Talir being brought back to consciousness through Kin’s healing magic. The conscious mercenaries opted to rest for several hours so that they could all be given time to heal and recover, with Voldy taking the first watch of the evening.

Four hours passed without much activity in the surrounding cavern, so Voldy woke Kin so that the Kokiri boy could take the second watch; Kin chose to then wake Shadow so that the wolf could accompany his master during the next few hours. During their watch, the pair are surprised by the attack of a Wallmaster, where Kin incured a significant amount of damage and was knocked unconscious. As this happened, Auriel and Voldy awoke to the sounds of the struggle, and Voldy responded with a couple of precise arrow shots, killing the Wallmaster before it could do more harm.

After the rest had completed, Auriel, Talir and Voldy opted to quickly exit the cave so that Luth (who was now close to dead) and Kin could be healed back at Hyrule Castle Town. As they began to depart, the party heard faint voices coming from the nearby northern tunnel, but they chose not to investigate the voices and instead exit the cave as quickly as possible.

The party managed to exit the cave without any more trouble, where Talir managed to transport both Kin and Luth across the river before shouting back to the others to let them know that it was save to cross – in doing so, he alerted a nearby pack of wolves to their presence. Luth’s now dead body was mangled slightly by a wolf during the fray, but no other party member took damage as the mercenaries successfully took down the small pack and collected their hides. Those who were still standing then retrieved their gear and fallen companions and proceeded into town.

Upon entry into Hyrule Castle Town, the party was met by a company of town guards, along with a Town Guard Captain, who informed them that the presence of Auriel, Talir and Voldy was requested at the castle barracks. The party agreed to accompany the guards on the condition that Kin and Luth could be first attended to, and (after some hesitation) the guard captain agreed to the request, accompanying the party with the guard company in tow to the Temple of Time.

Durian greeted his former – albeit short-lived – companions once they reached the temple, where Durian examined the conditions of the fallen party members. He felt confident in being able to restore Kin’s health in a matter of minutes, but was only barely confident that he could bring life back into Luth, needing a full day in order to do so. After Kin was restored, he accompanied the others as they were led to the castle barracks.

Once inside the barracks, the party was introduced to Leoni, the Royal Guard Captain, who spoke of his need for experienced mercenaries who could handle themselves well in fights. Amongst discussing the recent increase in Gerudo activity and movements in various regions across Hyrule, Leoni provided small details about a rising cult that seemed to have some small or significant connection with the Gerudo and is also involved in frightening activities such as sacrificing creatures of various races. Leoni implored for the party to track down the cult’s leaders and put an end to them, noting that cult activity had been sighted in the nearby cave that the party had earlier emerged from, and that various sources currently residing in Kakariko Village could also be of great assistance. While most of the party seemed happy enough to take on the job, Voldy showed almost no desire or inclination to support Leoni’s cause, but reluctantly agreed to follow the party on their new mission.

With fresh healing and weapon supplies, along with a newly revived Luth, the party set out for Kakariko Village, heading out into Hyrule Field and crossing the Eastern River. As Auriel, Luth and Voldy scouted ahead, Auriel noticed a green creature flee ahead of them through tall grass and chose to pursue it, triggering a goblin ambush. Auriel and Luth began to combat the group of four goblins (including one larger goblin, assumedly the leader of the group) while Voldy fled back down the path he game from and away from the conflict. Kin, Talir and Shadow soon dashed up to the battle and gave their support to the others, and the party was collectively able to overcome the smaller goblins, leaving only the goblin boss standing alive. In a contest of swordsmanship, Luth was able to strike down the boss and truly cement his place in the party as a capable fighter.

After the short battle concluded, a large explosion was heard in the direction of Kakariko Village, and a fireball of sorts could be seen rising above the hills and stone walls that currently separated the party’s view of the village. The party members seem eager to discover the cause of the explosion, and ready themselves for more combat…

Session 5 Summary (8/8)
Followers of the Flame

After recuperating from the short battle with the goblins, the party set out slowly towards Kakariko Village, taking care to move as stealthily as possible. Upon reaching the wooden archway heading into town, the party set eyes on a great tree that had been recently lit ablaze, with seemingly the village’s entire population gathered around it, almost completely mesmerized by it. The party members then decided to split up and move into the crowd so as to get a better look at what was occurring around the tree, with Auriel and Luth moving through one half of the crowd while Kin, Talir, Shadow and Voldy moved through the other half.

As they each did their best to blend in with the crowd, they noticed a ring of cloaked individuals that had formed around the burning tree. Beneath the tree was a makeshift wooden stage, where a black cloaked individual stood and stared over at the crowd of villagers before him. Soon enough, he gave a rather terrifying speech with an amplified voice, during which he laid out his intentions to “purify” Hyrule by wiping out all non-human races, which were a “poison upon [the] land”. The speech was accompanied with mild tremors in the ground that also seemed to be caused by the black cloaked man, and concluded with the sacrifice of five goblins on the stage. As this occurred, Voldy recognised the man as the same individual who had previously taken her tongue.

At this point in time around six cultists began moving through the crowd in order to search for any abnormal species among the villagers, and so Talir moved himself to the back of the crowd, closer to the road exiting the village, so as to prepare himself for an escape if necessary. Before a cultist could reach Talir’s position, the man was headed off by Voldy, who handed the man a note requesting that the Zora be left alive so that he could be sacrificed by Voldy himself at a later time. The cultist took this note to the black cloaked man while Voldy led Talir to a position closer to the front of the crowd (though further to the side of the stage) while Luth took up a position on a higher ledge on the opposite side of the stage, but was spotted in the process by a couple of cultists, and was soon prevented from escaping his new position.

Once the black cloaked man became aware of the presence of a Zora somewhere within the crowd and demanded that the creature be brought to him, and so Voldy quickly concocted a plan to pretend to kill Talir so that the paladin’s life might actually be spared. After informing Talir of the plan, Voldy attempted to signal the same message to Luth via Thieve’s Cant, but Luth was only able to interpret a few broken phrases given the distance between them and the smoke that obstructed their view of one another.

It quickly became clear to the black cloaked man that the Zora wouldn’t be surrendered to him, so he moved into the crowd to find the creature himself, but was then waved down by Voldy, allowing the two to share a moment of recognition between each other. Voldy was able to successfully pretend to slice Talir’s throat in front of the man while at the same time cutting his own hand and using his blood to cover Talir’s throat. The whole process was surprisingly successful – with Talir imitating a dead person rather well – save for Voldy’s attempt to convince the black cloaked man that the “dead body” did not need to be burned at this time. As the man motioned for two nearby cultists to move over and collect the body, Voldy quickly and subtly signaled for Luth to take out the pair before they could reach the group, and Luth was successful in taking out one of the two before he was set upon by a trio of cultists away from the crowd.

At this point in time, the party began engaging various cultists in both close combat and from a distance using bows and arrows. Talir was originally dragged from the fight by Voldy before later choosing to pick himself up and support his companions. Luth showed great success with his archery skills, taking out numerous foes, while both Auriel and Shadow ultimately fell unconscious before the fight was over. Once the initial number of living cultists began to dwindle, Voldy took an opportunity to strike into the black cloaked man’s left shoulder with a dagger, causing him to initially recoil in pain before casting a spell that granted him a magical door through which he was able to escape, with the door immediately sealing itself once he had passed through it. The next hour consisted mostly of Luth picking off cultists with ease from a distance while Kin balanced healing Auriel with lighting a short few cultists on fire with his Fireball cantrip.

Before the battle was done, a total of 13 dead cultists lay dead on the field in Kakariko Village, with the large tree having completely burned and the stage upon which the black cloaked man once stood having been reduced to ash and smaller, broken planks. As the party members attended to their wounded/unconscious and/or looted nearby bodies (not finding much out of the ordinary), Luth and Voldy were approached by a woman who briefly spoke to them using Thieve’s Cant, later introducing herself in Common Hylian as Impa. Upon hearing the name, Luth bowed instinctively, while Voldy was not aware of exactly who the woman was, only recognising that her name is quite significant within the Sheikah guild. Impa then offered both food and accommodation to the party, and organised for Auriel and Shadow to be healed overnight.

At dawn, the party sat and ate with Impa, exchanging backstories and engaging in discussions about the cult that they had encountered the day before; a cult known as the Followers of the Flame. Impa explained that the cult had already begun burning the forests that surround the Kokiri Village to the south of Hyrule Field, and that they had also attemped to gain access to the Goron City further up Death Mountain, but that the main entrance to the city had been sealed by the Gorons themselves and would be inaccessible until the cult had finished work on enough explosives to destroy the blockade. Impa also mentioned that, thus far, Zora’s Domain had not yet been accessed whatsoever by the cult.

In terms of discussing the cult’s leader, the black cloaked man, Impa knew of only rumours surrounding the man’s true identity. It had been told by many sources that different faces had been seen within the same black cloak, but only ever at one single time. Impa also suspected that the man’s name could be “Regol”, given that the name had also emerged through rumour.

It took much deliberation, but the party eventually came to an agreement on heading up to Death Mountain and using a secret passageway through the volcano itself to reach the Goron City and providing aid to the mountain-dwellers. Impa was also able to provide a red tunic to Talir so that he could become more resistant to fire and significantly warmer temperatures. As the discussion concluded, the party noticed the absence of Voldy, who appeared to have sneaked away in the middle of the conversation, but not before quietly alerting both Impa and Luth of his imminent departure and leaving his cloak behind, along with a detailed note that was left specifically in Luth’s hands.

Session 6 Summary (15/8)
Onward and Upward

After Voldy’s mysterious departure, the remaining party members set about gathering as many new healing potions and survival items as possible before setting out on their journey up Death Mountain. Impa agrees to do what she can to alleviate the costs of their supplies, and brings them firstly to the village apothecary, maintained by an old Potions Master named Wushu. Noting the party’s severe lack of gold, Wushu agreed to supply them a dozen potions in exchange for their help in re-opening trade between the Gorons and Kakariko, to which the party agreed and signed a contract on. Gathering their new supply of nine healing potions (of which there were three distinct varieties) as well as three mysterious green potions that Wushu couldn’t quite remember the effects of, the party set back out in Impa’s company to the local blacksmith, where Auriel resupplied her quiver of arrows while Luth handed over the party’s blades so that they could be sharpened at no additional cost.

As the party waited for the blades to sharpen, Talir decided to investigate the local cemetery, passing an old well that was filled with murky water. Upon entering the cemetery, Talir investigated a large stone memorial slab that recounted the notorious life of an old King of Hyrule, Igos Du Ikana, who went mad with intentions to blot out the light of the sun and was executed as per the will of the people. Talir also noted a nearby shack, which seemed to show greater signs of wear than the rest of the village, and yet didn’t seem to have built at a much earlier time than other nearby structures. Not wanting to be away from the rest of the party for long, Talir rejoined the others before they all retrieved their newly-sharpened weapons and rested for the remainder of the day and evening.

The party awoke the next day, gathered their gear and prepared to set out for Death Mountain. As they did so, Impa prepared to depart just before them, alerting them to the fact that the leader of the Followers of the Flame had been spotted appearing suddenly in the central square of Castle Town, and that she needed to hurry her way there immediately if she had any hope of capturing him. She then bade the party farewell and rushed out the village on horseback, while they set off toward the road leading up towards Death Mountain.

After around half a day’s worth of journeying, the party neared the crossroad on the midway point of Death Mountain. Before reaching it, they stumbled across a large boulder that seemed to block the entrance to a cave. While investigating the area, the group was attacked by a small group of Red Tektikes, which resulted in Luth getting knocked unconscious before the creatures were defeated. Luth was then brought back to consciousness using a red potion as the party spent the next hour recovering from the few minutes of combat and past several hours of travel.

Soon enough, the party made their way to the crossroad, where Talir was able to identify that the road leading to the right would lead towards the main entrance to the Goron City, and therefore to a large gathering of cultists. As such, they opted to continue to climb upward, dealing with heavier ash-fall and higher temperatures as they continued their ascent. After a brief struggle with pulling Shadow up a 15ft-high ledge, the party thought it best to send Luth ahead on his own to scout out the remainder of the trip; this was mostly because it seemed almost impossible to hoist Shadow up to the next set of ledges. Using rather old and worn ladders, Luth successfully made his way to the top of the mountain and discovered two entrances into the mountain – one sealed off by strange white rocks and one open for him to enter. Despite the incredible amount of heat that was flowing out of the cave, Luth decided to head inside and investigate where the tunnel lead to.

The temperature within the tunnel only grew hotter and hotter as Luth proceeded through, and he eventually emerged into a large cavern in the heart of the volcano, with a large pool of lava in the center of the cavern and two pathway options; left or right. Before investigating the place further, he headed back down the mountain to describe what he had found to the rest of the party. As a group, everyone agreed that Luth should investigate the cavern further, and so he borrowed Talir’s red heat-resistant tunic and made his way back up the mountain and through the tunnel once more.

Once inside, Luth opted to head left and cross a rather ancient-looking wooden bridge, and took plenty of caution in crossing it, barely avoiding a fall into the lava below at one particular stage. He then found another tunnel that was made up of paved stones, as opposed to that of a typical cave, with two unsettling statues standing either side of the tunnel entrance. As Luth headed inside, he turned as a resulted of two loud thud sounds behind him, noticing that the statues had disappeared. He then chose to head back across the bridge and head down the alternative path back at the cavern entrance, and noticed that another tunnel entrance was at the end of it, but that it was blocked by several large boulders that were far too heavy for him to lift on his own. As Luth attemped to leave the cavern, he was ambushed by the two statues that earlier disappeared, and was knocked unconscious.

Back at the camp, Kin had become a little concerned that Luth had not yet returned, and so he brought forth his fairy companion for the first time among the party and told it to find Luth and report back to him what his condition was; while Auriel noticed this happening, Talir was too busy eating food to notice, as normal. The fair returned within half an hour and informed Kin that Luth was unconscious, who then passed on the message to the others. The party quickly decided that Auriel should head up the mountain and enter the cavern to heal Luth, and then proceeded to do so, incurring small amounts of damage during the ascent up old ladders.

Once inside the cavern, Auriel finds Luth and used another red potion on him, restoring him to consciousness and immediately headed back down the mountain with him to return to the others. Rejoined once more, the party decided to head back down to the crossroad and analyse their situation. They later decided that it would appear to be necessary for them to head toward the main entrance to the Goron City and deal with the cultists directly. Kin also sent Shadow down an alternative path to the left, enabling them to discover that the path contained more Red Tektikes and a large lizard-like creature that stood on two legs and brandished a dagger. Not wanting to fight anything, especially given that sundown was upon them, the party headed slightly further down the mountain to rest for the evening.

Session 7 Summary (22/8)
A song of rock and fire!

As the party took rest for the evening, Auriel opted to keep watch for the first few hours before meditating. Nearing the end of her watch, Auriel noticed the sound of a strange, stringed instrument coming from the path leading down Death Mountain towards Kakariko Village; a sound that was accompanied with a deep voice, and was growing louder with each passing second. As Luth awoke to the same sounds, he opted to investigate the source of the sounds while Auriel stayed with the party, ready to awaken them to danger at any moment. What Luth discovered as he ventured down the path was not seemingly dangerous, but was in fact a heavily cloaked half-elf carrying a lute. As Auriel soon joined them, the stranger introduced himself as Micheletto, a bard sent directly by Frodo from Castle Town to support the party by any means necessary.

As this encounter occurred a short distance down the mountain path, the rest of the sleeping party back at the camp were quietly ambushed by two Lizalfos. After awakening the slumbering adventurers and dealing a reasonable amount of damage to Shadow, one of the creatures was quickly stricken down as the other retreated back towards a nearby rock wall and began screeching loudly, a noise that was soon echoed by several other nearby creatures.

At this time, both Auriel and Luth – with Micheletto in tow – moved quickly to support the others as three more Lizalfos soon appeared and joined the fray. Despite Shadow falling unconscious, the fight went fairly well for the party, with Micheletto establishing his ability to use his lute and voice to cast various damaging spells. After searching the bodies of the lizard creatures and stabilising Shadow’s condition, the party took a moment to introduce themselves to Micheletto, nicknaming the bard “Mickey” in the process. With only a few short hours to go before sunrise, the party took a much more peaceful rest.

At dawn, the party spent a moment to confirm their new goal: to head directly towards the nearby cult gathering and put a stop to their efforts of destroying the Goron blockade and gaining entry into the underground city. With little knowledge of what exactly to expect on the outside of the city’s entrance, the party began moving back towards the mountain crossroad, with Auriel and Micheletto moving further ahead of the others as stealthily as possible. Upon reaching the crossroad, Micheletto was spotted by two nearby cultist sentries, who immediately began to approach him; Auriel, who remained unseen, moved into a position nearby out of sight, ready to react if necessary. As Micheletto did his best to stall the sentries with talk of real estate and investment (which easily proved to be the most interesting conversation that the men had ever had, and ever would), Luth split from Kin and Shadow to quietly move to a position separate from Auriel that was also out of sight, yet also close enough to Mickey and the cultists so that he could respond to any violence with haste.

Soon enough, the conversation came to an abrupt halt as the robed men, after failing in their attempt to persuade the bard to depart from Death Mountain, were shot down by both Auriel and Luth, with a little melodic trash-talk from Micheletto in the process. The party then regrouped over the dead bodies, stripped them of their robes and quickly forged a plan to bring three “prisoners” to the large camp up ahead and deal with any leadership figures under the guise of cult garbs. As Auriel, Luth and Micheletto adorned themselves with the robes, both Kin and Talir had their hands loosely tied while Shadow was leashed around the neck. The party then proceeded through a strangely cold, yet dry tunnel that emerged out into the large cultist camp.

Soon enough the party came upon the camp, and immediately set eyes on a large number of robed individuals. Things got rather tense as one cultist began to see through the guise that the party had set, and so Micheletto quietly cast Sleep on the man, thus temporarily avoiding any conflict. In response to this, another nearby cultist approached and requested that the disguised Luth assist him with carrying the unconscious man towards the largest, most centered tent in the camp. As Luth did so, the remaining party members spent a short time discussing what to do next.

Once inside the large tent, Luth was met by two obvious figures of authority. One was garbed in the same black cloak as the man who was identified as Regol, the leader of the Followers of the Flame, yet he possessed a much more youthful face with long, silver hair as opposed to the much older, withered face that had been seen a few days prior at Kakariko Village. The other man wore a long, red robe with a face bearing many scars and a large burn mark on the left cheek. Within a few moments the black cloaked man disappeared with the use of magic, while the red cloaked man remained behind and briefly questioned the cultist that had accompanied Luth into the tent. Upon learning that there had been non-human prisoners brought into the camp, the man demanded that they be brought to him at once, and shortly after the entire party was brought into the tent, some still effectively bearing the guise of cultists.

After a few minutes of slanderous words being thrown at the “prisoners” by the red cloaked man, as well as a bit of persuasion from Talir, it was decided that the captives would be led into the volcano so as to be thrown into a pit of lava while the cultists headed through the secret passage into the Goron City. After a half-day journey, the party, in the company of the red-cloaked man (who had now been identified as a powerful magic user) and four other cultists, headed inside Death Mountain and stood before a ledge that sharply-descended into a pit of lava. Before having much of a chance to react, the cultist warlock was swiftly attacked with both magical words and physical weapons, giving him little time to flee before he was struck down by one of Auriel’s arrows, causing him to plummet into the lava pit below.

A small skirmish them broke among the party and the remaining cultists, with Kin, Talir and Shadow slipping out of their bonds and joining the fray, outnumbering and defeating the cultists with ease. They then swiftly moved out of the volcano into cooler temperatures, taking time to recover before deciding on their next course of action.

Session 8 Summary (29/8)
Descent and Destruction!

Following their exit from the inner caverns of Death Mountain, the party began its descent down Death Mountain. Far from a clean and safe journey, there were a few incidents at various points while the party treaded and climbed their way down ledges and 15-30ft drops; this included Talir being knocked unconscious, as well as Luth breaking his left leg before also going unconscious (the latter was thanks to some rather shaky efforts by Auriel to lower Luth by rope down another 15ft drop).

During the descent, the party soon found themselves pursued by three Lizalfos. Kin showed some quick thinking by snaring the trio in vines, but was still left to face the creatures one at a time with, at first, only Auriel as a direct means of support. The pair opted to descend down a nearby ledge to join the other party members below, and even used Kin’s fairy companion as a means of luring the first Lizalfos to its death via a rather nasty fall. Soon enough, a second Lizalfos broke free of its binds and gave chase to the party, plummeting down the ledge and knocking Kin unconscious. With a little bit of vicious mockery, courtesy of Micheletto, the creature ultimately stumbled to the ground and impaled itself on its own weapon, gifting the party a chance to escape before the third Lizalfos could reach them.

As the party spent a night recovering from the various bumps, bruises and brutalised bones that they sustained while heading down the mountain, it became clear that Luth’s leg needed to be attended to sooner rather than later, opting to head back to Kakariko Village once dawn was upon them. Despite a number of small explosions that were being sounded from further up the mountain (accompanied by small rumblings that could be felt throughout the night), they felt that they could always return on a following day to deal with the remaining cultists on the mountain. Unknown to the others, Micheletto made the decision to leave the party temporarily so as to continue the effort of assisting the Gorons with the impending cultist attack, and began heading back towards the cultist encampment.

So, the party (now minus the bardliest bard who ever barded) spent much of the day walking back down the mountain until they finally reached Kakariko Village. Upon arriving, they quickly took Luth to the local apothecary, where Potions Master Wushu opted to provide the crippled rogue a rather large blue potion, which Luth chugged with little concern. Wushu then informed the party that Luth would require at least a day’s rest before being able to begin standing on the leg once more, let alone walk or run on it, and so they opted to take refuge in the village for the time that it would take for him to recover.

Meanwhile, Micheletto once again took on the guise of a member of the Followers of the Flame and headed back into the cult’s main camp, immediately noticing that the men had begun piling bombs on to the Goron blockade that was currently preventing entry into the city. The bard opted follow suit, taking a bomb over to the large pile while simultaneously preparing an oil flask beneath his cloak. Unfortunately, this resulted in him spilling a portion of the oil on to the ground, raising suspicion among the cultists that directly surrounded his position and eventually compromising his disguise. Micheletto opted to quickly send a number of the men to sleep with a quick spell before attempting to heat up the metal that covered a majority of the bombs on the large pile, eventually resulting in a massive explosion that wiped out every cultist within the visible vicinity. This action also created a large gap in the Goron blockade, which prompted around a dozen boulder-like creatures to emerge from the tunnel and roll towards Micheletto and surrounding him, all before revealing themselves as the Goron people.

Session 9 Summary (12/9)

Following a night of rest and recovery, Luth discovered that he had regained the capacity to walk on his broken leg once more, yet he still did not feel capable of moving as normally as he once did. As the party members within Kakariko Village gathered together once more, Luth and Talir decided to head to seek the local blacksmith, who exchanged a small amount of gold for various weapons that the pair had gathered during their travels thus far. After that business had concluded, the party chose to proceed back to Hyrule Castle Town, leaving Micheletto’s fate in his own hands.

Soon enough the party returned to the drawbridge in front of town and were met immediately by a wall of guards that blocked their path. As Talir spoke with one of the guards, it became clear that the increased number of soldiers at the town’s entrance was due in some way to the presence of “suspicious cloaked individuals”. After a few nervous minutes, during which Luth’s identity was questioned based on his cloaked appearance at the time, the party was permitted entry into town; Auriel, however, remained outside of town so as to meditate in the hope of eventually calling out to an animal that she may ultimately call her companion.

As the rest of the party entered into Castle Town, they noticed that the increase in guard patrols was not limited to the town’s entrance; rather, it was spread throughout the town itself. They chose to move directly into the marketplace, gaining some insights from local authorities as to where they could achieve fair prices when trading weapons. They were subsequently directed to an elderly man named Barland, who took a few more weapons off the party’s hands for more gold.

By mid-afternoon the party chose to head to the Temple of Time, where they sought answers from Durian as to why the town was in such a paranoid state, quickly learning that the sudden appearance of a black cloaked man with long, silver hair in the middle of town was the first event that triggered several other occurrences, a rise in cloaked men wandering the streets at all hours of the day and night that was met with a rise in guards dragging away anyone who sought to shield their appearance in any way for “questioning”. Durian also informed them that a fellow member of their party had recently returned to town and was presently staying at The Drunken Goron. The party immediately set out to the inn, eager to see what had become of the companion who had seemingly abandoned them only days prior in Kakariko Village.

Upon arriving at the inn, two things came to their immediate attention: a make-shift bar tournament involving betting, brawling and drinking was underway, and Voldy (or, as they new him, He Who Must Not Be Named) was standing behind the bar and looking as sullen as ever. After a few drinks and conversations – one of which involved purely hand-gestures, while another involved a hilarious exchange between Kin and the bartender, Balonios, regarding the Kokiri boy’s age and right to drink anything remotely alcoholic – the party decided to rest up for the night so that they could discuss their next course of action on the following day.


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