Legends of Hyrule

Session 31 Summary
Death, Fire and Magical Unicorns

Ever-cautious of Rocky the Rockette‘s condition, the party moves down Death Mountain towards the Goron Feeding Grounds, soon coming upon the cavern’s entrance, presently obstructed by a large boulder. Albus Severus Potter’s quick-thinking leads to the planting of a large bomb before the boulder, spraying it in shards of smoldering stone in various directions and granting them passage ahead.

Inside the small stretch of tunnel, the party found no means of proceeding forward, finding that where there should have been a passage onward now rests a makeshift stone wall, seemingly melted into place by an unknown source. The group chose to camp before the wall before heading through the next morning, with Rocky taking first watch and listening to the bizarre sounds of stone being crushed from somewhere past the makeshift wall. After Amara took her watch, she heard the sounds of movement coming from outside the cavern entrance. Heading out to investigate, she was ambushed by a cultist assassin and struck with a mortal blow. The party rallied to support her, dispatching the foes and finding a Gerudo Assassin among them. After the fray, the party (for the most part, with Albus choosing only to loot the surrounding bodies) mourned Amara’s death and headed back inside the tunnel entrance.

Making use of the explosives yet again, Albus constructed a hole in the makeshift wall, creating a crawlspace that was just wide enough for each member of the party to venture through. Once inside, they entered into a much larger cavern, populated with various pits of fire and lava, a gargantuan constructed stone creature’s head at the far side of the chamber, and various lizard-like creatures that took notice of them and began to advance.

As the party fought against the fire-breathing Dodongos, a Dragonborn came sprinting out of a nearby passage, quickly reasoned that she wasn’t a threat to the group as long as they helped her dispatch the creatures. During the fray, Leiutentant Mae Lin was torched into unconsciousness by one of the Dodongos, with Cyrus von Belradg coming to her aid. Meanwhile, the Dragonborn Sorcerer Odaviing supported Rocky and Albus in fighting off more of the creatures, accidentally summoning a Unicorn in the process, which Albus mounted for the remainder of the fray.

After defeating the beasts, the party become properly acquainted with their new companion, whom they nicknamed Oda, from whom they learned that several Dragonborns had been summoned by red priests to locate an “important red gem” for “a greater purpose”, though she had been severely mistreated and now sought to escape from the place. In exchange for protection, Oda agreed to join the party in locating the gem for the Goron tribe, and may even opt to journey with them afterward.

Session 30 Summary
A Warm Unwelcome

Agreeing that there were matters directly relating to the Goron tribe that required their attention, and discovering through magical means that The Magical Scrolls had been taken in that direction, our party began their venture up Death Mountain, where they came upon a large force of The Followers of the Flame. The cultists were quickly defeated, and the scrolls were reclaimed. The group then entered into Goron City, where it became quickly apparent that the presence of a Goron within their party would not strengthen their chances of moving through the city on positive terms. Despite this, Rocky the Rockette insisted that she could take them to her tribe’s leader, described as “Big Brother”, in order to better-establish them as allies.

Upon entering the Big Brother’s chamber, the party met the leader himself, Darunia, who noted that his people were living in a rather dire situation. His people had lost access to the Goron Feeding Grounds, and it was a strong possibility that an old infestation of creatures had respawned within the cavern. Though Cyrus von Belradg aimed to inquire about his old tutor, Micheletto, Darunia promised to speak more about the bard at a later time.

Though it was instructed at this time that only Rocky should speak with Darunia, Amara attempted to sneak in and listen to the discussion, getting caught in the process. Outraged, Darunia threated to have the entire party banished or killed; were it not for Rocky and Cyrus reasoning with the Goron Big Brother, either choice was a strong possibility. Eventually, it was agreed that the party would reopen the Goron Feeding Grounds and destroy any infestation that had spawned within it. They were also instructed to return with a large red gem that had been lost within it – a gem that Rocky knew (and Cyrus suspected) to be the sacred stone known as the Goron’s Ruby – within three days.

While in Goron City, Rocky took Cyrus to her family home, where the pair were greeted by her father, Raxis Goro. After a short conversation, and a promise to return before leaving Death Mountain, the pair moved to rejoin the party so that they may all descend to the cavern entrance.

Upon exciting the city, Rocky suddenly collapses to the ground, her head ringing with pain. An eerie voices creeps into her mind, whispering the sinister words “welcome home”

Session 29 Summary (March 6)
Fresh Air and Fresh Faces

Not wishing for these horrific underground catacombs to become her tomb, Rocky sought to burst through the brick wall before her and provide both herself and her companions a means of escape. With one mighty thud, the Goron Barbarian used her brute force as she rolled directly into the wall, causing it to collapse almost entirely. Rocky, Talir, Amara and Impa then began the short journey through the tunnel ahead, soon arriving at the entrance used by Amara and Impa only an hour or so earlier. The small group ascended the rope and emerged into the Kakariko Graveyard more, soaking in the fresh air and mild warmth of what sunlight remained before the impending dusk. They each took a few moments to recuperate and view their surroundings before heading back down the path out of the Graveyard and towards Kakariko Village.

Back beneath the well at a slightly-earlier time, Albus, Mei, Lao and Xiao began to feel a unusual and alarming trebling all around them. They unanimously agreed that this was a sign of a major disturbance, and that their departure from the place should no longer be prolonged. While the two brothers gathered what belongings they could, along with the bodies of Kin and Shadow, Mei helped Albus to his feet and provided him with all of his original belongings. As Albus quickly prepared himself for the journey out of this dark place, his thoughts called back to a short time ago, to the moment when Amara made the bold decision to render her fellow party members helpless, strip them of their prized scrolls and leave them trapped beneath Kakariko’s well.

Back on the surface, Amara wandered to the road near the Death Mountain trail, arriving at a pre-scheduled meeting point at which she would trade The Magical Scrolls for a large sum of gold. A child greeted her, and took the scrolls while providing a heavy sack of what was presumably gold, eventually discovered to be mostly stones. Furious, Amara stormed back down to the village, heading into Impa’s home for a quiet drink to help calm herself.

At this stage, Talir chose to bid the party farewell as he opted to head out into Hyrule in search of his daughter, beginning with a dangerous journey back into enemy-controlled Castle Town. When returning to Impa’s home, Rocky became acquainted with the bard Cyrus von Belradg, who offered his services in exchange for the party aiding him in discovering the location of his lost love, Allira Nahla, as well as his former master Micheletto.

The group fought through a brief ghostly encounter before emerging from the open grave in Kakariko Graveyard, with Lao and Xiao taking the bodies of Kin and Shadow with them on their journey home while Albus and Mei headed into the village in search of Amara and the rest of the party. Their search brought them to Impa’s home, where Amara chose to flee into a nearby store. She is pursued by the party, even attempting to fire at them with her bow, before agreeing to parlay back at their room. A heated discussion ensues, before the party begrudgingly agrees to continue working together, particularly so as to retrieve the The Magical Scrolls.

Session 28 Summary (27/2)
Ghosts, Ghouls and Generally Bad Things

A startling tremor shakes a young group from their work. Despite the importance of their study within the central chamber, it was the first time that any of them had felt such a disturbance within the underground sanctum. Leiutentant Mei Lin took charge of the situation, instructing her companions, the brothers Lao and Xiao, to follow closely as they begin investigating the cause of the disturbance.

After searching for just under half an hour, the three came upon a previously unchecked door that had seemingly been blasted off its hinges. Curious, they headed up the staircase inside and came upon three bodies sprawled out before a long crypt chamber. Although the body of a young child in green (Kin) and a dark wolf (Shadow) were undoubtedly killed as the result of some sort of melee situation, as denoted by the severe bruising and open gashes on their bodies, it appeared that the hooded man furthest from the staircase was still drawing shallow breaths, prompting Mei to immediately begin administering him with a healing spell.

As Albus had slowly begun to regain consciousness as the mysterious trio entered the room, it took several minutes for him to regain his bearings, even after feeling the warmth of a healing spell begin pulsing through him. He confirmed to one of them that he may be able to walk, but struggled mightily to do so. As he was helped to his feet, Albus noted that one of the three strangers had slung both Kin and Shadow over their back, neither of whom had a flicker of life showing from their forms. Mei, Lao and Xiao quickly, yet quietly moved out of the crypt and back into the main hallway, navigating along a thin, stone path that ran snugly beside the trickling river of acid until they came upon a plank that they had previously set up as a means of crossing the vile trench. Once across, they made their way back inside the dark central chamber from which they first departed just over half an hour beforehand, with Lao setting Albus down in a corner littered with several supplies as Xiao laid the bodies of the Kokiri and wolf on a workbench opposite them.

Now settled into the large room, which appeared to be adorned with several shackles upon the walls, along with various torture apparatuses that were littered across various benches and tables, Albus’ concern for his newfound situation grew immensely. Doing little to ease the wizard’s concern, Mei instead concentrated her efforts on questioning Albus’ reasoning for being present in the sanctum beneath the well. At the same time, Mei revealed very little about her own purpose in being down there, though insisting that she and her companions would depart the place come morning, and that they’d be willing to take Albus with them to the surface. Shortly after, she took a few moments to speak with Lao and Xiao, informing them that the bodies of the green-clothed boy and wolf should be taken by the two brothers back to their homeland – to the far east of Hyrule – while Mei would stay behind and continue investigating the vile cult that had ravaged their people, and who appeared to have first emerged from Hyrule.

In a separate time, Rocky and Talir now stood before a partially open steel door, staring into a room that is completely drenched in darkness. The pair took but a few simple steps inside as the darkness dispelled, revealing a natural cave-like chamber that held four long, pale-white humanoid-ish arms protruding from the floor in an evenly spread square manner, each separated by around 15 feet of room. Despite having some immediate second thoughts about entering the room, Rocky turned around and found that the door entering the room had completely disappeared, replaced only by more solid wall. As she began working towards thrashing her way through the wall, hoping to rediscover the doorway out, Talir was met by a large monstrosity emerging from the earth in between all of the arms.

The creature, a Dead Hand, appeared to be somewhat humanoid, save for the deathly pale, sagging skin that was littered with red blotches all over. Its neck was extended at least two feet up in the air, and it was slowly advancing towards the Zora, with its feet completely covered by the mass of its body. Though Talir appeared to do well in keeping the creature at bay, Rocky hadn’t the opportunity to finish breaking through the wall before the Dead Hand was upon the both of them. After a minute’s worth of direct melee combat, the creature burrowed deep into the ground, gifting the pair of adventurers the chance to come up with a wiser plan of attack. Speaking through action, they immediately separated to different corners of the room; as Rocky did so, she was swiped at by one of the protruding hands, barely avoiding being grappled.

Once in their respective corners, the Dead Hand emerged directly in front of Rocky, almost taking a huge bite out of her in the process. Dodging a few blows, along with the snapping of sharp teeth from the creature’s overly-extended jaw, Rocky unleashed a fearsome counterattack as Talir moved quickly to flank it. After another minute or so, the creature fell to a final, mighty blow by Rocky, crashing hard into the earth as the four hands also began to drop to the floor, one by one.

Not wishing to take any chances whatsoever, Rocky set about dismembering not only the creature itself, but the arms as well. At the same time, Talir set about investigating the room further, coming at last upon a small black pillar (standing only about 6 feet high) that seemed to be somewhat wedged into the ground on the opposite side of the room from where the entrance once was. Upon this pillar sat a small black wooden box, completely unlabeled, held shut only by a single latch. Noticing that there were roughly one inch wide gaps between the pillar and the ground, both Rocky and Talir thought better than to simply take the box off the unnatural construct, nor did they trust opening it at this stage. As such, they opted to have Rocky fire and arrow at it from a distance, knocking it off the pillar quickly and leaving just enough time for Talir to catch it mid-air. While this delivered the black box safely in their possession, it also appeared to trigger a mild earthquake as the pillar began to descend slowly down into the ground. Looking back towards the opposite side of the room, the pair noticed that the doorway out had finally re-appeared, granting them an opportunity to escape. Despite hearing the echoed voices of the ReDeads once more, they moved posthaste towards the door.

At an earlier time, Amara and Impa began their journey through the dark tunnel, eventually taking notice of a variety of red Sheikah symbols that appeared to be freshly-painted on the walls around them; despite her immense knowledge of Sheikah lore, even Impa didn’t appear to know all that much about them. As they continued to walk through the tunnel, they soon came upon a stone brick wall with a small indented space in the center, leaving room for a visible switch. Seeing little reason to avoid pushing further ahead, Amara pulled the lever, revealing a passage ahead that was only barely lit by a flickering blue light.

Just barely inside the next room, both Impa and Amara spotted a dangling lantern. Completely untrusting, Amara let fly with an arrow once they were both inside and on the opposite side of the room, immediately causing the object to swing somewhat wildly in mid-air. Within moments, the image of a ghostly figure draped in a purple cloak appeared before them, with bright orange eyes piercing them with its gaze behind its hood. The creature, a Poe, attacked them with its lantern, dealing some significant fire damage to Impa in the process. Amara proved rather successful in counterattack against the Poe, however, and ultimately forced the ethereal creature to flee down a nearby corridor.

After taking a few moments to recover, both Amara and Impa decided to continue moving past a severely broken metal door and down a dark, cold hallway. It didn’t take long for the echoed groans of ReDeads to catch their ears, and only just as a startling earthquake made its presence felt beneath their feet. As they pushed further on, they came upon five ReDeads who seemed to be advancing upon a pair of individuals at the end of the hallway, though the natural darkness made it rather difficult to determine just who it was that was n danger. Nevertheless, a battle ensued and saw the creatures cast down, leaving room for Amara and Impa to reunite with Rocky and Talir at long last.

Not wishing to delay their escape, the four proceeded immediately back to the exit, coming to discover that the brick wall had once again closed up, providing seemingly no opportunity to escape…

Session 27 Summary (20/2)
At Death's Door

Staring into the mostly dark room before them, Rocky and Talir gazed upward at a single lantern that dangled mysteriously just above the inside of the room, not far from the opening in which they now stood. Choosing to avoid interacting with it, the pair instead opted to investigate the room in further detail, noting that there was a clear opening to their right – through which Talir detected the presence of several undead creatures – as well as a metal door directly ahead of them. Rocky saw fit to take the option that led away from the clear dangers of the right passage, and so rolled fiercely into the metal door ahead of them, breaking it entirely off its hinges.

Stepping over the smashed door, the pair now found themselves standing no longer on a stone surface, but rather on damp, natural earth. While moving through this new tunnel, they discovered various carvings on a nearby stone wall, which seemed to depict groups of both the living and the undead that had two very large, demonic-looking hands looming over each group. Not able to find a connection between the carvings and anything else that they’d previously seen, heard or read about, the pair continued down the passage, eventually coming across yet another metal door. Using his magic once more, Talir sensed that a large, undead presence was lurking in the next room. They also noticed through a small opening near the top of the door that the room itself was cloaked in an unnatural darkness. While originally unconvinced that entering the room would be a good idea, the echoing sounds of ReDead approaching from the tunnel behind them served as a motivator for them to proceed inside.

Back on the surface, Amara took time to speak to Impa, informing her that both Albus and Kin had “gone crazy” and “turned on her”, prompting her to escape them. Convinced that Amara had told the truth, Impa began rounding up several able-bodied men to assist with a retrieval mission while Amara slipped away to meet up with her contact, so she could then exchange the scrolls for the gold she was owed. At a location closer to the Death Mountain trail, Amara was met by a small boy, who promptly exchanged a pouch that presumably contained gold pieces for the scrolls. It was only after the boy left that she discovered that the pouch held only 10 gold pieces, and that stones had been used to add more weight to it. Feeling rather annoyed, Amara thought it best to rejoin Impa in her venture back down the well to, at the very least, keep up the appearance that she had been the victim in the previous encounter.

Once Amara and Impa had reached the bottom of the well, they discovered that the brick wall that Amara had moved through earlier had, in fact, sealed itself completely shut. Opting not to use explosives to breach the wall for the time being, Impa suggested that they seek an alternative route through the graveyard; a route that was only rumoured to have ever existed. They soon found that the graveyard was not entirely free of activity, as DampĂ© the gravekeeper had begun attempting to re-fill the plot that had previous been opened by Rocky and Talir, although the old man was quite unaware of exactly who or what had caused the grave to open up. He did, however, put it down to graverobbers, who had clearly used a rope to descend down into the “unusually-large grave”. Using this rope as a means of following the two party members, Amara and Impa headed down into the darkness, hoping to catch up to them before any danger could befall them.

In the meantime, Albus, Kin and Shadow began their ever-cautious walk through a small tunnel, emerging out into a much larger chamber that seemed as ancient as it did creepy. While the chamber curved in two separate directions around a large, walled-off room in the centre, each path was accompanied by a small trench, in which ever-so-slowly flowed a river of a green, steaming liquid. It took very little investigating on Albus’ part to determine that the liquid was a very strong acidic substance. Steering clear of the liquid, the trio veered to the left, heading along a narrow path that quickly led to a steel door. Taking care to check for traps, they took notice of a wire that appeared to weakly connect the door to the frame, clearly in place to detect and respond to the door opening. After taking some time to consider their options, Kin opted to send a fireball blazing towards the door, triggering whatever contraption was connected to it and culminating in a far larger explosion. With the passage ahead clear, and with the sounds of beating wings from a nearby passage echoing louder and louder with each passing second, the trio headed quickly inside, immediately ascending a stone staircase.

At the top of the stairs, the adventurers found themselves set before a dark crypt, with around a dozen coffins neatly placed in two rows leading up to the end of the narrow room. While both Albus and Kin took notice of a chest resting on the far side of the room, Albus took a particular interest in it, insisting that they make an effort to claim whatever rested inside of it; his logic being that “no one would have trapped that door for no reason”. Though Kin insisted that the wizard take care to avoid any traps, Albus showed little care for anything too far from the staircase. In moving so hastily, Albus appeared to disturb whatever may have been resting in two of the coffins at the time, as two mummified creatures, Gibdos, emerged from them and began advancing towards him.

Though the two magical allies held themselves fairly well for some time, the odds soon tipped against their favour as a second pair of Gibdos emerged from another set of coffins further down the room, one of which held a large greatsword in its undead hands. After incurring a cursed swipe from one of the creatures, Albus succumbed to the difficulty of the situation before him, collapsing into unconsciousness. Regrettably, this left Kin and Shadow to defend themselves, culminating in the death of the Kokiri and his wolf companion. With Albus’ fate left in unknown hands, only time would tell if he would ever awaken and escape from the nightmarish sanctum.

Session 26 Summary (6/2)
The Nightmares are Real

While most of the party members slept rather soundly that night, it wasn’t entirely uneventful for some. Kin tossed and turned throughout the long hours, seeing haunting visions of disturbing, shadowy creatures crawling forth from Kakariko’s well. In a separate room, Costanza prepared her travelling gear, wrote a heartfelt goodbye to her lover and former adventuring companions, and set forth into the night, determined to return to her kind.

Though most of the party seemed confused by Costanza’s sudden departure, Rocky felt little more than enraged at the notion that her greatest ally and partner in life had abandoned her. After listening to Kin’s less-than-vivid descriptions of the nightmares that he experienced during the previous night, the party collectively thought it best to investigate a two possible sources of the evil that seemed to be lurking within the village; namely, the well and the local graveyard. They decided to have Albus, Amara and Kin investigate beneath the well, allowing Rocky and Talir to check out the graveyard.

Once at the bottom of the well, it quicly became apparent to the trio (plus Shadow, of course), that they were now entering a more elaborate dungeon of sorts. Proceeding down a dark, cold, yet smoothed-out tunnel, they came upon a brick wall with a single stone tablet imprinted in the center of it, which read: “Things are not always as they appear.” Interpreting this as a sign of an illusion present before them, the small group proceeded to walk directly through the seemingly-physical brick wall, emerging into a new, small room that led into a much larger chamber up ahead, from which a green glow could be seen.

Before having the chance to advance further, Amara saw her opportunity to follow through on her contractual obligation to take the magical scrolls from the party’s possession. To do so, she threw down a magical brew that blinded both Albus and Shadow, then casted Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Kin, leaving him in hysterics as she snatched the scrolls from Albus’ grasp and proceeded back through the brick wall, soon returning to the Village’s surface.

Once free of their magical hindrances, Albus and Kin both found themselves unremarkebly enraged, and saw fit to do whatever was necessary to recover the scrolls from Amara, who had undoubtedly been the one who had assailed them with spells and trickery to take the magical items from them. When attempted to head back through the brick wall from whence they’d came in, they discovered that the wall had somehow become solid and, in fact, rather immovable. Finding no alternative plan, they decided that it was in their best interests to push through the dungeon that now lay before them, bearing hope that they may find a different way of escaping the dreaded place and seek out Amara before she had a chance to flee too far.

In the meantime, both Rocky and Talir crept their way through the graveyard, bypassing an old shack and several uninteresting plots and tombstones before coming upon a large, well-kept memorial on the far side of the path from the village. The memorial noted that this particular plot was the resting place of an old solider of the Hylian Guard, Torgaz Cyrol, who was noted for his “immense bravery” in an old civil war. Talir took particular notice of a small plaque on the ground nearby, which bore a striking resemblance to one that sat before the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Taking a chance on it having a similar magical reaction to a particular song, Talir whistled the very tune that would normally be used to open passage to the Domain, which now caused a very severe shake in the earth beneath their feet. This quake ultimately caused much of the dirt in front of the memorial stone to crumble down into a cavern below, which both Rocky and Talir decided it would be worthwhile exploring. Fashioning a hemp rope to the stone, the pair descended down, finding themselves at the beginning of a rather lengthy tunnel.

As they moved through the tunnel, both of them took notice of various red symbols having been drawn on to the walls around them. What was most striking about these symbols wasn’t even the fact that they depicted the Sheikah logo, but that they seemed to have been drawn in fresh blood. Coming at last to the end of the tunnel, they pulled away a skull that had been planted in the center of the stone before them, revealing a large lever. At the same time, Talir determined through his magic that an undead presence lurked behind the wall, and so they both prepared for an imminent battle as Rocky pulled back the lever, watching the wall slowly open up to reveal a new room to explore.

Session 25 Summary (30/1)
Old Faces and New Fears

While surveying the force that stood before the villagers of Kakariko, it became clear to our party that one particular cultist stood out from the mass – which numbered at around 20. This cultist spoke with a cold, piercing voice, informing the villagers that they could either surrender control of the village to the King of the West, or be slaughtered in an instant. As Impa stood out from the crowd before this man, insisting that neither she or her fellow people would bow to the desires of “madmen”, the cutlist sneered before giving instruction for the surrounding mercs and Gerudo soldiers to begin marching forward.

Before any innocent blood could be shed, an arrow flew fast from an unknown bow in the midst of the villagers, quickly prompting a large-scale battle between the activated party members and precariously-positioned invading force. To tip the scales back in their favour, the leading cultist unleashed a Minotuar from within a large steel crate, which quickly found its attention taken by a mysterious elf woman who was darting throughout the crowd, firing arrow after arrow at the invaders. Taking a unique approach, Kin set about charming both the cultist and his Minotaur under control, enabling the remaining party members to slaughter what now remained of the invaders.

In the midst of speaking to the cutlist in an effort to learn more about the pressing situation in Hyrule, as well as Rocky attempting to lure the Minotaur back into its steel prison, the party quickly found themselves under assault by the beast once more, with the charm in place seemingly broken by yet another arrow shot. Finding no alternative, they disposed of the creature, along with its master, and proceeded to determine exactly who had been firing these arrows.

A conversation soon opened up between the party and Impa, they were all also introduced to the elf woman, Amara, who seemed to be quite secretive about her intentions in being in Kakariko, inserting herself into the fray, and from where she had come from. Following this mildly-awkward introduction, the party pressed Impa for any information that she may have had regarding the magical scrolls that they currently possessed, of which she didn’t seem to know a great deal of new information; rather, she advised them that the riddles contained on each parchment may refer to a location each, as opposed to a person or item, and that discovering these locations may very well reveal further secrets.

As the sun began to set, the party began its treck towards Impa’s home, of which they’d been told had become rather crowded so as to accommodate the large number of refugees who had managed to flee Castle Town and reach Kakariko safely. They also found themselves accompanied by Amara, despite no individual outside of Talir showing much (if any) trust in her at this stage. Before veering towards Impa’s home, a few of them took notice of various individuals behaving rather strangely around the town’s well – notably, a crowd of women were sobbing fiercely close by it, and an old man was staring quite intently down the bottom of it. Upon investigating, it became clear that the well had all but dried up, and that the old man appeared to be in a trance that was caused by something beneath the well, despite being blind. Even as Kin attempted to splash water across the old man’s face in an effort to break the spell’s effect, it appeared to have no lasting effect. Sensing that little else could be done for the moment, the party made their way to Impa’s home, agreeing that the well should be investigated further the next morning.

During their stay, the party also discovered through Impa’s knowledge that there were certain unnerving superstitions that hung over the town’s well (and, by extension, the village itself) like a bad omen. The tale of a young girl who went missing beneath the well, only to reappear occasionally and haunt the villagers, particularly sent chills down several spines. Hoping to put their unease aside, the group departed for their respective bedrooms, and took rest for the evening.

Session 24 Summary (23/1)
On the Brink

Stepping into the tent with the red-robed cultist, a black parchment was brought out of a storage crate and placed on to the table before the party. Before investigating it further, several of the companions inquired about the strange knife that looked to have been stabbed into the top of the table, which the cultist explained to be a ceremonial weapon that would be used in extracting the souls of those that it pierced. Leaving the dagger be for the moment, the party members turned their gaze towards the parchment, which the cultist revealed to be a map that showed all of Hyrule, although it was painfully clear to several of them that the man was attempting to hide certain information from them. What they were able to notice at the time was that several glowing markers on the map appeared to indicate the location of large settlements within Hyrule, including Cast Town, Goron City, Zora’s Domain, and more.

As the map was magically cleared, the party demanded to know what incantation would be necessary to read it once more. Seeing through a blatant attempt to lie to them, Rocky insisted that the cultist be more upfront with them. While, ultimately, they did receive the correct incantation, the cultist still attempted to flee, resulting in his untimely death at the hands of our heroes.

With a new map in hand and a clear path ahead, the party continued their journey towards Kakariko Village, this time with Kin and Shadow back at their sides. Upon reaching Kakariko, they were met with yet another tense scenario; namely, a legion of Gerudo soldiers and mercenaries, along with a large, steel crate, all of whom stood before a larger-than-normal crowd of villagers.

Session 23 Summary (16/1)
Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

Given the party’s reunion with Kin, they now found themselves in possession of all six magical scrolls – five of which they were able to translate with Albus’ help; sadly, one scroll appeared to have been written in some form of code. After a lengthy discussion, during which theories regarding the scrolls’ meaning were exchanged, the group decided that Kin’s desertion would be dismissed for the time being, and that they would have to work together once more to escape the confines of the cell if they had any hope of reaching Kakariko Village.

A plan was quickly forged that would see Kin use a Flaming Sphere spell as a distraction of sorts – as well as a means of incinerating over half of the camp’s tents – while Rocky used her brute strength to smash through the cell, which seemed to be made of an old, corroding metal. The plan went off without a hitch, mostly, save for a scrape or two at the hands of their captors, all of whom were cut down or burned alive by Kin’s giant fireball (not to be mistaken for a Fireball spell – this thing was more alike to a small, floating sun). with the exception of a single Cultist, who was tortured into agreeing to tell the party everything he knew about Hyrule’s situation, and the roles that the Followers of the Flame, the Gerudo, and even Ganon himself were playing in the process. Furthermore, he agreed to show them a map of cultist locations, taking them into a large, red tent, in which stood a single table, upon which a dagger had been planted and surrounded by candles.

Session 22 Summary (9/1)
A Dying City

Forced into action, our party began fending off several waves of flaming corpses that ultimately proved to be far weaker than they appeared. At this stage, the group decided rather quickly that they should head back into Castle Town, then begin the journey back towards Kakariko Village in the hope of finding Impa, and hopefully a few answers as to exactly what has occurred.

Once back on the streets, the group ran into a entirely new monstrosity – a zombie-like creature known as a ReDead. Though finding it utterly terrifying, and a little too intimate for their liking, the lone creature wasn’t enough to trouble them for long. After encountering a larger group of ReDeads, the companions decided to take refuge outside of the Temple of Time, ever-cautious of what evil may have overtaken the (potentially) once-pure structure. During this short rest, Albus began to translate the three scrolls that were in his possession, prompting much discussion amongst the group as to what the riddles that each was inscribed with may refer to. Before coming to a conclusion on the matter, they began to hear a familiar voice chanting inside of the temple, prompting them to enter and investigate.

Inside the Temple of Time, the party found that Durian was still alive, and appeared to be in control of the sacred place for the time being. During a conversation with the cleric, they discovered that Ganon had, indeed, taken hold over the Kingdom of Hyrule, with the fate of the King or any other local being left completely unknown for the time being. In deciding on a course of action, Durian recounted the tale of “the Blade of Evil’s Bane”, which was said to rest beyond the sealed doors inside the Temple in which they now stood, but that reaching the blade would require three spiritual stones, which were said to be in the possession of the elders of the Kokiri, Goron and Zora tribes. Though Talir took an interest in the blade and spiritual stones, it was decided that it would be best to stick to the current plan in locating Impa back in Kakariko Village. Taking a few more healing potions and rations, the party set forth from the Temple, getting past more ReDeads and fleeing from the sounds of various enemies that were some distance behind them.

Once back out in Hyrule Field, the party immediately moved towards Kakariko. On the journey, they came upon a large, newly-established camp that seemed to be littered with Gerudo soldiers and mercenaries. Unable to sneak past the camp, the group was quickly captured and confined to a large cell in between the circle of large tents, and were stripped of their weapons and equipment in the process. While inside the cage, Rocky took notice of Shadow sitting near the cage wall, directly in front of an unusual mound of Earth. It was quickly discovered that the mound was, in fact, Kin, who seemed to have also been captured while attempting to head back to the Kokiri Village.


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