Legends of Hyrule

Session 25 Summary (30/1)
Old Faces and New Fears

While surveying the force that stood before the villagers of Kakariko, it became clear to our party that one particular cultist stood out from the mass – which numbered at around 20. This cultist spoke with a cold, piercing voice, informing the villagers that they could either surrender control of the village to the King of the West, or be slaughtered in an instant. As Impa stood out from the crowd before this man, insisting that neither she or her fellow people would bow to the desires of “madmen”, the cutlist sneered before giving instruction for the surrounding mercs and Gerudo soldiers to begin marching forward.

Before any innocent blood could be shed, an arrow flew fast from an unknown bow in the midst of the villagers, quickly prompting a large-scale battle between the activated party members and precariously-positioned invading force. To tip the scales back in their favour, the leading cultist unleashed a Minotuar from within a large steel crate, which quickly found its attention taken by a mysterious elf woman who was darting throughout the crowd, firing arrow after arrow at the invaders. Taking a unique approach, Kin set about charming both the cultist and his Minotaur under control, enabling the remaining party members to slaughter what now remained of the invaders.

In the midst of speaking to the cutlist in an effort to learn more about the pressing situation in Hyrule, as well as Rocky attempting to lure the Minotaur back into its steel prison, the party quickly found themselves under assault by the beast once more, with the charm in place seemingly broken by yet another arrow shot. Finding no alternative, they disposed of the creature, along with its master, and proceeded to determine exactly who had been firing these arrows.

A conversation soon opened up between the party and Impa, they were all also introduced to the elf woman, Amara, who seemed to be quite secretive about her intentions in being in Kakariko, inserting herself into the fray, and from where she had come from. Following this mildly-awkward introduction, the party pressed Impa for any information that she may have had regarding the magical scrolls that they currently possessed, of which she didn’t seem to know a great deal of new information; rather, she advised them that the riddles contained on each parchment may refer to a location each, as opposed to a person or item, and that discovering these locations may very well reveal further secrets.

As the sun began to set, the party began its treck towards Impa’s home, of which they’d been told had become rather crowded so as to accommodate the large number of refugees who had managed to flee Castle Town and reach Kakariko safely. They also found themselves accompanied by Amara, despite no individual outside of Talir showing much (if any) trust in her at this stage. Before veering towards Impa’s home, a few of them took notice of various individuals behaving rather strangely around the town’s well – notably, a crowd of women were sobbing fiercely close by it, and an old man was staring quite intently down the bottom of it. Upon investigating, it became clear that the well had all but dried up, and that the old man appeared to be in a trance that was caused by something beneath the well, despite being blind. Even as Kin attempted to splash water across the old man’s face in an effort to break the spell’s effect, it appeared to have no lasting effect. Sensing that little else could be done for the moment, the party made their way to Impa’s home, agreeing that the well should be investigated further the next morning.

During their stay, the party also discovered through Impa’s knowledge that there were certain unnerving superstitions that hung over the town’s well (and, by extension, the village itself) like a bad omen. The tale of a young girl who went missing beneath the well, only to reappear occasionally and haunt the villagers, particularly sent chills down several spines. Hoping to put their unease aside, the group departed for their respective bedrooms, and took rest for the evening.

Session 24 Summary (23/1)
On the Brink

Stepping into the tent with the red-robed cultist, a black parchment was brought out of a storage crate and placed on to the table before the party. Before investigating it further, several of the companions inquired about the strange knife that looked to have been stabbed into the top of the table, which the cultist explained to be a ceremonial weapon that would be used in extracting the souls of those that it pierced. Leaving the dagger be for the moment, the party members turned their gaze towards the parchment, which the cultist revealed to be a map that showed all of Hyrule, although it was painfully clear to several of them that the man was attempting to hide certain information from them. What they were able to notice at the time was that several glowing markers on the map appeared to indicate the location of large settlements within Hyrule, including Cast Town, Goron City, Zora’s Domain, and more.

As the map was magically cleared, the party demanded to know what incantation would be necessary to read it once more. Seeing through a blatant attempt to lie to them, Rocky insisted that the cultist be more upfront with them. While, ultimately, they did receive the correct incantation, the cultist still attempted to flee, resulting in his untimely death at the hands of our heroes.

With a new map in hand and a clear path ahead, the party continued their journey towards Kakariko Village, this time with Kin and Shadow back at their sides. Upon reaching Kakariko, they were met with yet another tense scenario; namely, a legion of Gerudo soldiers and mercenaries, along with a large, steel crate, all of whom stood before a larger-than-normal crowd of villagers.

Session 23 Summary (16/1)
Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

Given the party’s reunion with Kin, they now found themselves in possession of all six magical scrolls – five of which they were able to translate with Albus’ help; sadly, one scroll appeared to have been written in some form of code. After a lengthy discussion, during which theories regarding the scrolls’ meaning were exchanged, the group decided that Kin’s desertion would be dismissed for the time being, and that they would have to work together once more to escape the confines of the cell if they had any hope of reaching Kakariko Village.

A plan was quickly forged that would see Kin use a Flaming Sphere spell as a distraction of sorts – as well as a means of incinerating over half of the camp’s tents – while Rocky used her brute strength to smash through the cell, which seemed to be made of an old, corroding metal. The plan went off without a hitch, mostly, save for a scrape or two at the hands of their captors, all of whom were cut down or burned alive by Kin’s giant fireball (not to be mistaken for a Fireball spell – this thing was more alike to a small, floating sun). with the exception of a single Cultist, who was tortured into agreeing to tell the party everything he knew about Hyrule’s situation, and the roles that the Followers of the Flame, the Gerudo, and even Ganon himself were playing in the process. Furthermore, he agreed to show them a map of cultist locations, taking them into a large, red tent, in which stood a single table, upon which a dagger had been planted and surrounded by candles.

Session 22 Summary (9/1)
A Dying City

Forced into action, our party began fending off several waves of flaming corpses that ultimately proved to be far weaker than they appeared. At this stage, the group decided rather quickly that they should head back into Castle Town, then begin the journey back towards Kakariko Village in the hope of finding Impa, and hopefully a few answers as to exactly what has occurred.

Once back on the streets, the group ran into a entirely new monstrosity – a zombie-like creature known as a ReDead. Though finding it utterly terrifying, and a little too intimate for their liking, the lone creature wasn’t enough to trouble them for long. After encountering a larger group of ReDeads, the companions decided to take refuge outside of the Temple of Time, ever-cautious of what evil may have overtaken the (potentially) once-pure structure. During this short rest, Albus began to translate the three scrolls that were in his possession, prompting much discussion amongst the group as to what the riddles that each was inscribed with may refer to. Before coming to a conclusion on the matter, they began to hear a familiar voice chanting inside of the temple, prompting them to enter and investigate.

Inside the Temple of Time, the party found that Durian was still alive, and appeared to be in control of the sacred place for the time being. During a conversation with the cleric, they discovered that Ganon had, indeed, taken hold over the Kingdom of Hyrule, with the fate of the King or any other local being left completely unknown for the time being. In deciding on a course of action, Durian recounted the tale of “the Blade of Evil’s Bane”, which was said to rest beyond the sealed doors inside the Temple in which they now stood, but that reaching the blade would require three spiritual stones, which were said to be in the possession of the elders of the Kokiri, Goron and Zora tribes. Though Talir took an interest in the blade and spiritual stones, it was decided that it would be best to stick to the current plan in locating Impa back in Kakariko Village. Taking a few more healing potions and rations, the party set forth from the Temple, getting past more ReDeads and fleeing from the sounds of various enemies that were some distance behind them.

Once back out in Hyrule Field, the party immediately moved towards Kakariko. On the journey, they came upon a large, newly-established camp that seemed to be littered with Gerudo soldiers and mercenaries. Unable to sneak past the camp, the group was quickly captured and confined to a large cell in between the circle of large tents, and were stripped of their weapons and equipment in the process. While inside the cage, Rocky took notice of Shadow sitting near the cage wall, directly in front of an unusual mound of Earth. It was quickly discovered that the mound was, in fact, Kin, who seemed to have also been captured while attempting to head back to the Kokiri Village.

Session 21 Summary (19/12)

As our party ascended towards Hyrule Castle, it became painfully clear the several fires had been started within the towers above. Within a short distance, they came upon a gate that barred them from proceeding further, but took notice of a weeping solider on the opposite side. Through conversation, they learned that two Gerudo ambassadors had arrived “earlier than expected” to speak with the King, which then somehow led to an entire invading force of Gerudo, cultist and mercenary forces appearing within the compound and overthrowing the entire royal guard. Assuring the guard that the situation would be dealt with, the party was permitted to proceed forward, with the gate being locked behind them and the guard remaining behind to “fulfill his final duty”.

The party now stood before the royal gardens, which had long been planted before the main gates that stood before the castle walls. On the far side of the garden, a large bonfire had been constructed, with several robed figures standing before it, two of whom were uttering incantations. It was also perceived that there were bodies in the fire, though it was unclear exactly what race the bodies belonged to. While determining a course of action, Namoori appeared before the party once more, recounting that she had picked the lock on her cell and escaped during the invasion, and was now determined to enter Hyrule Castle so as to recover an important amulet, the significance of which was not made clear. Somewhat begrudgingly, the party agreed to have Namoori accompany them inside, as it seemed clear that the Gerudo knew a more secret way inside, compared to simply walking in through the front door.

First, it was decided that they should each proceed one at a time past the nearby cultists as quietly as possible, which almost went perfectly to plan until Talir, the last one to move, was spotted by one of the cloaked men. While Talir attempted to persuade the man to simply take him inside to be “cleansed”, Kin cast a thorn trap between the feet of Talir and the cultist that the Zora was conversing with, which ultimately injured the cultist and triggered a moderate fight in the gardens. Once the cultists were dispatched entirely, the party continued around the right-hand side of the castle, eventually coming to a side-entrance that seemed to be used for consumable deliveries. Once inside, they began moving quietly through the stockroom and kitchen, heading upstairs and into an unusually-dark corridor.

After investigating a few small guest/maid rooms, discovering few things of interest (save for the sounds of someone quickly retreating into a wardrobe, which no one decided to investigate further), a strong magical presence was detected in a room further ahead. Before reaching it, a large suit of armour was noticeably blocking the entry to another corridor, which Namoori noted was grossly “out of place”. Using Shadow as a distraction, the suit of armour was led away once it had been activated, allowing the group to move further in. At this stage, the throne room was merely a few feet away, and it was perceived that the “strong magical presence” was within it, prompting Namoori to urge everyone to move by as quietly as possible, which was achieved. Coming upon a descending flight of stairs and the entrance to the War Room, the party decided to forgo further exploration and immediately proceeded down into the Dining Hall.

Once downstairs, the hall was entirely littered with the now-asleep invaders, none of whom appeared to wake as the party moved quietly once more through the room and into the castle’s entry chamber. It was here that they finally found the entrance to the library – a source of valuable books, magical scrolls and (potentially) the amulet that Namoori had been seeking. While Talir investigated the children’s book section, Namoori poured through several desk drawers, and all other party members take some time to look through various sections of the library, Kin immediately located the magical scrolls that he had long been seeking since first hearing of them the last time he was in Castle Town some days ago. Finding that the scrolls were contained in a magically-sealed glass case, he opted to use a torch so as to smash the glass open, resulting in the sounds of several astonished and angry voices – as well as the stomping of feet and banging of weaponry – from back in the Dining Hall. Sensing the oncoming danger, Albus cast a Cloud of Daggers spell in front of the library door – the only entry or exit to the room. In the meantime, Kin gathered up three of the scrolls, temporarily allowing Albus to take the other three, while the rest of the party searched thoroughly for another exit. Thankfully, such an exit was discovered by Talir back in the children’s section, allowing for a quick escape. In the process, Talir was unable to convince Namoori to flee with them, leaving her to continue rummaging through various storage spaces for the amulet as the horde of enemies began to enter the library.

Making their escape, and with the secret exit sealing itself behind them, the group took notice of the fact that both Kin and Shadow were no longer present among them. Furthermore, they had exited in such a hurry from Hyrule Castle that they had only just discovered a new threat – a mass of flaming corpses, who were pacing towards them with a look of insatiable hunger burning in their eyes.

Session 20 Summary (12/12)
Dawn of a Darker Day

Recuperating from the tough battle, our party gathered around Luth’s body for a short time so as to mourn his loss, gather his belongings, then decide on an appropriate course of action in disposing of the body. After agreeing that the body should be left in the care of the Zora people, a guard approached the group so as to discuss the situation at hand. It was then that they learned that King Zora had indeed survived the attempt on his life, and was currently in the care of both the tribe’s Royal Cleric and her human assistant. Gauging the party’s curiosity in the matter, the guard led them back inside Zora’s Domain, bringing with them Luth’s body.

Re-entering the throne room, they looked down upon a large gathering of Zora that had surrounded the King, who was indeed being attended to by an elderly female Zora and a man adorned in blue robes. Soon enough, the party was introduced to the Royal Cleric of Zora’s Domain, Neru, and her assistant, a human wizard who, despite being quite youthful, bore a long, grey beard – he called himself Albus Severus Potter. After being reassured that King Zora would survive, and that Luth’s body would be cared for, the party’s attention was taken from Neru by the King’s own Keeper of Affairs, Zotos, who then summoned them (along with Albus) into a more private room further down in the depths of the Domain.

Once alone and seated, Zotos explained to the party that he had no knowledge of how King Zora came into possession of the note that ultimately led him outside and into danger, but that he is also unsure of whether the note speaks truly of Princess Ruto’s “kidnapping”. Describing Ruto as “adventurous”, Zotos noted that it wasn’t unlike the Princess to wander for a time outside the Domain, but that she had not been sighted in any of her usual wandering grounds, including Lake Hylia. Ultimately, Zotos pleaded with the party for them to search for Ruto during their travels, and for Albus to accompany them along the way, to which both Albus and the others agreed. With little hesitation, the now larger party set forth from Zora’s Domain, determined to return to Castle Town before the day was done.

Several hours of the day passed by the time the party was truly set on Hyrule Field, with several of them noting a rather dark overcast to the North, roughly where Castle Town and Hyrule Castle would be situated. Before getting much closer to town, they came upon a mysterious carriage being led by two horses and no rider, with all doors closed and curtains shut. Deciding quickly that the carriage should be stopped and investigated, Rocky placed herself in the direct path of the horses while Kin used his magical druidic influence to bring the horses to a stop, then faded away beneath the front of the carriage. While Kin threw stones at the carriage so as to gauge a reaction, both Albus and Rocky moved towards the door, noting that, at times, it would be opened by a small hand that was barely visible given that it was surrounded by an unnatural darkness. Deciding to interact with the person inside, Rocky soon found that it was Princess Zelda herself who was seated within the carriage. Over the next several minutes, the party discovered that the Castle had been invaded by “enemies of the King”, thus placing her in direct danger. As a result, her caretaker, Impa, had made the decision to have her sent from the Castle as quickly as possible, which then resulted in her being placed within the enchanted carriage and directed to a relatively unknown location. Assuming that she would probably either be heading towards Zora’s Domain or the Kokiri Forest, the party chose to leave her be on her journey from the dangers that had now seemingly overtaken Hyrule Castle, but not before giving her a few short weapons for protection. Bidding the party farewell, Princess Zelda continued southward while the party moved closer and closer to Castle Town.

Before properly reaching the town, the group noticed that a thick layer of smoke was rising from somewhere on the far side of town, either close to or directly from Hyrule Castle itself. Upon arriving at the drawbridge, they noticed that it had been left shattered in the moat before the town’s walls, barely enabling them to cross. The town itself was dark, battered, and in ruin. With little to no sign of the townspeople still lingering about, they moved into the marketplace, gazing in horror at the carnage that had been left in the wake of whatever force had recently invaded. A short journey beyond the marketplace brought the party before the path that lead up to Hyrule Castle, before which stood two Followers of the Flame. One of the Followers greeted the adventurers sarcastically, welcoming them to the “new age” that had been ushered in by their “master”, who had arrived and taken up residence in the castle. He also noted that the non-humans among them could be “cleansed” and “reborn” by his master’s power, which prompted a brief conversation with Rocky. Before giving the cultists a chance to do any harm to them, both Albus and Kin shared a brief moment of telepathic communication before sending the cultists flying with simultaneous Thunderwave spells, killing them instantly. With the path now open before them, the party began the journey away from town up towards Hyrule Castle.

Session 19 Summary (5/12)
A Poison Most Foul

Emerging from Talir’s home, the party moved through Zora’s Domain once more. On their way to King Zora’s chamber, they noticed a much larger gathering of Zora in the cavern than on the previous day, all of whom were fully aware of the party’s presence and quietly murmured in discussion amongst themselves as the group moved on. Once inside the chamber, they immediately noticed that the King was nowhere to be seen, but they were quickly informed by his personal assistant that King Zora had been distressed prior to the party’s arrival and had moved at once through the tunnel behind his “throne”. Without hesitation (and with Rocky still without her gear), the party moved through that very same tunnel, which was lightly flooded with water, and emerged out into a new area.

Once outside, they stood before yet another lake. Standing in front of this lake on a platform was King Zora, whose attention appeared to be staring out into the water. While Costanza, Kin, Shadow and Talir approached the King, the others remained further back. Talir opened the conversation with King Zora, noticing that he looked as though he had been weeping. It was quickly revealed that the King had received a note during the night that noted his daughter, Ruto’s kidnapping, and a request for him to meet the kidnappers in the exact spot on which he now stood if he had any hope of getting her back. At this stage, Luth rejoined the party as they spent a brief few moments discussing whether they truly wanted to assist with finding Ruto or not.

Costanza couldn’t help but shake the feeling that they were being watched, prompting her to inform the rest of the party of this feeling. They each immediately began scouting the area through, sight, sound and even smell, finding little sign of any sort of natural presence. While the note itself possessed no magical properties, there were magical presences detected somewhere nearby, getting ever closer to the King. Sensing the danger at hand, both King Zora and several party members decided that it would be best to move back inside Zora’s Domain, but they were unable to act before a red-cloaked individual leaped from within the lake and threw two daggers directly into the King’s back.

Before they could act, the assassin moved towards the King and sunk further blows into him through the use of two scimitars, both of which carried a poisonous touch. As Luth moved to fire arrows at the assassin from a distance he called for Talir to take the King to safety. Instead, Talir administered a healing potion to the King and attempted to take the assassin’s attention. As this occurred, another assassin emerged from the water while wielding a light crossbow, taking aim at King Zora and dealing further damage to him.

Rocky rolled quickly up the platform and flung the King over her back, moving as quickly as possible with him back towards the tunnel into Zora’s Domain. As she did this, the crossbow assassin pursued them, attempting to get a better aim at the King for a killing blow. In the process, this assassin, got a clear shot at Luth and struck him with a poisoned bolt, which placed him into immediate unconscious and, eventually, death.

Costanza, Kin, Talir and Shadow all directly engaged the melee assassin in an attempt to prevent them from chasing after Rocky and King Zora. Though Kin fell unconscious in the process, the lot of them were eventually able to bring down the assassin. Meanwhile, Rocky was barely able to escape the bolts of the crossbow assassin, taking the King inside the tunnel and informing the guards (who up until now had barely heard Talir shouting for help), that the King needed protection and that her companions were in need of assistance, gaining her gear and weapons back in the process. Afterwards, she re-emerged from the tunnel and engaged the final assassin. With Talir’s assistance, the assassin was brought down.

Session 18 Summary (28/11)
Counsel with King Zora

Talir dove immediately into the Zora River so as to pursue the fleeing Gerudo, with Kin quickly accompanying him after shapeshifting into the form of a River Zora. At the same time, Shadow Luth pursued them on land, with Costanza and Rocky choosing to wait by the waterfall. It took less than a minute before Talir was able to grab a hold of the Gerudo, but then began to struggle against the river’s current so as to get back on dry land. Even with Kin’s help, the task seemed rather difficult, and so Luth decided that he should attempt to throw a rope out to them from the nearest spot of land. Unfortunately for him, the throw was quite poor, as he essentially threw his weight too far forward and plummeted into the river as well. Despite further struggles, all party members were soon out of the water, where Costanza, Rocky and Shadow soon joined them.

After yet another interrogation, the Gerudo came out with the name of her true master: Ganon. After learning this, Talir killed her, prompting the party to move back to the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Back at the entrance, Talir indicated that a plaque that rested on the ground before the waterfall was they key to gaining entry into the Domain, and then proceeded to whistle a strange, peaceful melody. As a result, a tunnel behind the waterfall was revealed, into which the party jumped into and progressed through.

The party then entered a large cavern that was composed of a single, stone pathway that curbed around a large pool of clear water, within which several Zora could be seen relaxing. Guided by Talir, the party moved to a flight of stairs that ascended to another room. On the way up, several party members noticed that the walls were encrusted with small sapphires, which prompted Talir to inform them that the gems weren’t to be touched.

At the top of the staircase, the party was greeted by a small troop of Zora soldiers, who quickly disarmed Rocky and surrounded her with various spears. After Talir showed one of the guards the notice that was handed to him by Leoni, they were permitted to speak directly to King Zora, who sat on the opposite side of the room in front of the entrance to yet another tunnel.

Within a few minutes of speaking to the King, it became clear to most party members, particularly Rocky, that he was not taking the potential threat against his life all that seriously. In reply, Rocky mocked the King’s stance on the situation, which almost resulted in her being thrown into a lake by the guards; thankfully, Talir was able to calm King Zora down from feeling so offended. After further talking, the King appeared to concede his stance slightly, but insisted that any remaining discussions be postponed to the next morning, issuing for Talir to house the party in his own home overnight.

After being taken to Talir’s home, being a rather oversized shell of sorts, the party set about exploring much of the Paladin’s home. Despite Talir showing his desire to be left alone in his room, Rocky remained in there and questioned Talir about several aspects of the room, as well as a small necklace. Talir revealed to Rocky certain details of his family, including certain Gerudo involvement. Soon enough, all party members took rest for the evening, regaining much needed strength before the next day.

Session 17 Summary (21/11)
Beans and Bad Things

After a few introductions, Impa revealed that she was searching along Zora’s River for any sign of Frodo, the party’s own mercenary contractor, who had disappeared since being sent by Leoni to meet with the Zora King. With there still being no sign of him, she explained that she would move ahead of the party on the following day so as to keep a distance and maintain herself (and her protective guards) out of sight. Before then, they all agreed to take rest for the evening, setting up a rotation for people to sleep or keep watch for the evening. During the night, Shadow picked up on the sounds of creatures moving about near the river ahead of them, but no action was taken at the time, and Rocky went the entire evening without gaining a moment of sleep.

The next morning, Impa and her followers moved out roughly an hour before the party. As the mercenaries made their first few strides up the river, Shadow remained on high-alert for what he had heard the night before, prompting Kin and Talir to investigate their surroundings. In doing so, Talir noticed that there were two creatures hiding at the bottom of the river, which, after moving in to get a closer look, turned out to be a couple of River Zora, who proceeded to attack the party unsuccessfully, being slain a short time later.

After less than an hour’s walk, the party came across a large fence which prevented them from moving ahead on their current path without crossing directly through the river itself, with a short bald man seated in front of it. The man, though rather heavily engaged in eating a seemingly endless supply of strange beans from a small bag, proved to be of little help to them in finding out any useful information whatsoever, let alone how they might proceed forward. Noticing that the man was under a strange influence that seemed to stem from the beans that he was eating, both Luth and Talir spent five gold coins each in buying a bean for each of them. While Luth simply ate his bean, leading to him experience a brief euphoric rush of seeing brighter colours, Talir chose to plant his bean in a soft patch of soil near the large fence, then water it. After he did so, the plant grew a lengthy stalk at an astonishing speed, finishing five feet above the top of the fence, allowing most party members to simply climb up the beanstalk and jump or climb their way over the fence, while those others who were more adept at swimming simply went through the river and around to the other side.

Further ahead, after crossing a couple of bridges so as to navigate their way up-river, the party came across a relatively small swamp-like area where the water remained much calmer by comparison to the rapidly-running river that they had followed up until then. Once there, they encountered several Blue Tektikes, which proved to be of little challenge to them, being entirely disposed of from a distance.

Once beyond the swampy area, roughly half a day’s worth of journeying was made before the party stumbled upon the final up-hill stretch before they would come upon the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Before reaching the entrance, several voices could be barely heard over the top of a the crashing sounds of a waterfall, prompting Kin and Shadow to scout ahead of the others as stealthily as they could possibly have been. They soon noticed that three cloaked individuals stood on a platform that rested roughly ten feet from the waterfall, hearing feminine voices that were discussing ways in which the entrance to the Domain could be reached.

Rather than engage them immediately, Kin left Shadow behind to alert the others, bringing them quietly up the hill and within firing range. Two of the three were quickly disposed of, with Kin utilising a Spike Growth spell to contain the three while several arrows were fired at them, when the party chose to interrogate the third and final individual, who revealed herself as a Gerudo. Being annoyingly ambiguous about who she had been taking orders from, the person being someone that gave orders to the cultist leader, Regol, she chose to avoid being captured by Talir and dove into the river in an attempt to escape.

Session 16 Summary (14/11)
Strength in Numbers

After an hour or so of discussion with Leoni, including further questioning of Namoori, the party decided that it would be best to head to Zora’s Domain the next morning so as to warn the Zora King of the potential impending danger. They also agreed that Namoori should remain in Leoni’s care, and so that she could be questioned further. Leoni promised to write up several documents that would grant them “royal permission” to enter Zora’s Domain, which would be given to them the following morning.

As the party returned to the Drunken Goron Inn, they found Luth continuing to drink at the bar, detailing his rough night of pleasure with the elderly alchemist before passing out on the floor, eventually finding his way to a different room upstairs. The rest of them made for their own beds, taking rest for the evening.

The following morning, most of the party rejoined in the hallway between their rooms. Before departing, they opened the door to Luth’s quarters, finding most of his clothes in various locations around the room and the rogue still passed out on his bed. After a bucket of ice-cold water and a few minutes to gather his belongings, Luth was awake and ready to depart, albeit suffering from a rather troublesome hangover. Within the coming hour each person was able to collect what new belongings they were owed from the previous day; namely, new armour for Kin, Rocky and Shadow, as well as the potions that Luth had secured for cheap prices. They also gathered the documents that were promised to them by Leoni, and then set out immediately for Zora’s River.

After roughly half a day’s journey across Hyrule Field, where they avoided traveling directly on the road, the party’s journey was disrupted by a group of bandits who seemed rather intent on taking every ounce of gold that the traveler’s possessed. As opposed to claiming an easy take, the bandits were met with an incredibly tough battle, where most of them were slain, leaving only their captain and one other alive. The captain plead for his life, agreeing to turn over all valuables that they owned before fleeing. Upon searching the bandits two wagons, certain party members gained more gold and other valuables, which were not directly shared with any others among them. They then took the two horses that had been pulling the wagons and continued to follow the river.

Soon enough, they came across a small pond which separated the road ahead to Zora’s domain and Hyrule Field. Across the pond, they noticed a camp with no apparent occupants, which Luth and Talir chose to investigate, where they found naught but provisions and a single Sheikah symbol. Given Rocky’s inability to survive in water as a Goron, the party opted to throw her across the pond, and were surprisingly successful in doing so. Once across, the party settled into the camp until sunset, when a few of them noticed that the apparent occupants of the camp were returning from the road that runs with Zora’s River. Soon enough, it was revealed that the camp had been occupied by Impa and three personal soldiers, who greeted the party warmly.


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