Legends of Hyrule

Session 1 Summary (4/7)
The Adventure Begins!

Our adventure opened on this evening with the introduction of three characters:

  • Voldy (a.k.a. “He Who Must Not Be Named”, played by Jess): a Sheikah rogue with an attitude who isn’t afraid to show it.
  • Auriel (played by Jayde): an Elven ranger who enjoyed firing arrows first and asking questions later.
  • Talir (played by Rhys): a Zora paladin who wielded both a code of honour and a shady past.

Things kicked off with our three newly-formed companions being brought together in Hyrule Castle Town by a mercernary contractor named Frodo, setting them off out into Hyrule Field to dispose of a pack of nearby wolves and return with their hides as proof of the kills. After having made part of the journey, the group discovered two distinctive tracks; a set of wolf tracks leading east and a pair of humanoid tracks heading south. The group opted to continue following the wolf tracks, agreeing to come back and investigate the humanoid tracks later.

They soon encountered the wolves across a nearby river and were able to dispose of the beasts without too much trouble. While Talir skinned the wolves, Auriel discovered a blue jewel nearby and later showed it to Voldy, agreeing to split any profit on its sale between the two of them; at this time Voldy revealed his true name to Auriel, so that only Talir was left to refer to him as “He Who Must Not Be Named”.

After heading back to where the different tracks separated from one-another, the group took some time to decide that Voldy would hurry back into town and collect the reward for the hides and return to the others before the drawbridge leading into town was shut, while Auriel and Talir continued to investigate the humanoid tracks. In the process, Frodo informed Voldy that both Auriel and Talir would need to be present the next time a contract was taken and then a payment was claimed, otherwise he would never allow them to work for him again. As this happened, Auriel and Talir chose to wait in place for Voldy to return.

After a couple of Stalchild encounters (during which Voldy was injured by a stray arrow from Auriel), the party set up camp further south in Hyrule Field. While Voldy slept, Auriel and Talir encountered a marching band of Gerudo thieves, and were narrowly able to avoid conflict with them, but were also unable to discover their purpose or where they were heading. At dawn, the group picked up the trail of humanoid footprints and headed further south.

The group soon came upon a large pyre set before a stretch of trees and were evidently being logged, and Voldy set about exploring the back of it while Talir spoke with a cloaked old man at the front of it. During the conversation, the old man spoke of “purifying” the nearby trees by burning them, and that he was devoted to a “greater power”, while at the same time Voldy discovered a variety of small bones within the pyre itself, though it was unclear to what or whom they belonged to. As Voldy joined the others, he managed to secure a private conversation with the old man, and was able to learn that his “Master” was riding in from the west under the title of “King of Thieves”, but that he would soon “create change in Hyrule”. He also demanded that Voldy make a “sacrifice” of sorts in order to learn even more information about his cause. Before having the chance to learn more, Auriel opted to fire an arrow into the old man, successfully knocking him to the ground and causing him to trigger a goblin attack.

The battle proved to be far tougher than the companions could have imagined, with the odds being stacked against them. Talir lost his main weapon in the branches above the combatants before Voldy was knocked unconscious, and soon enough a goblin boss emerged with a javelin in hand, piercing Auriel with it, then leaving her to bleed out and likely die. This left Talir to face a three on one assault, which he was not able to overcome. Voldy later awoke to a rather empty battlefield, but was set upon by the old man, who opted to claim the rogue’s tongue as a form of sacrifice for survival. It remains to be seen whether the others managed to survive the fight or not.

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