Princess Ruto

Zora Princess


Small Zora child, found wearing a shining necklace, identified by Talir as Zora’s Sapphire.


Known for being a curious child who enjoys wandering beyond the borders of Zora’s Domain, no one in Zora’s Domain becomes all that concerned when Princess Ruto disappears for a day or two. However, when King Zora himself is handed a strange note from an anonymous source that indicates that Ruto has been kidnapped, there was a much greater reason to feel concerned about her current whereabouts. Up until the King had received that note, Ruto had been away from Zora’s Domain for only a day, but no one seems to have any clue just where the Princess may currently be. According to Zotos, Ruto had not been spotted at her usual hangout location, Lake Hylia, and so the adventuring party agreed to search for her on their travels.

Ruto was eventually discovered by the party in a petrified condition in the Spirit Temple. The group was unable to revive her.

Princess Ruto

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