Leader of the Followers of the Flame [DECEASED]


Regol first appeared to the party as an old man who was hooded and cloaked, but was seen to be capable of altering his form when the party encountered him once again in Kakariko Village.


It’s unclear how Regol came into his position of power and authority as the leader of a fanatical cult, known as the Followers of the Flame, that enforces the belief Hyrule needs to be “purified” from the existing non-human races, but it’s beyond clear that he voices these views louder than others. Despite holding these vile, racial views, Regol seems quite willing to utilise different beasts and evil creatures as soldiers for his cause. With the name “Man of Many Faces” also attached to him, it’s unclear whether there are multiple individuals adorned in the same black cloak, or if a single individual is somehow changing his appearance.

After a much more brief encounter in Kakariko Village, the adventuring party soon discovered Regol’s location within Castle Town. After moving through his lair, a showdown ensued between the party and Regol, who was in the company of several Gerudo bodyguards. The battle culminated in Regol’s death, which revealed him to be a Doppelganger.


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