Gerudo Messenger


Discovered a week prior to the downfall of Hyrule inside the Drunken Goron Inn, Namoori plead her case to our adventuring party that she had been given a message from an unknown, yet unusually tall individual from the border of Gerudo Valley – a message that indicated that “the King needs to be moved within the week” due to the threat of assassination. She was subsequently taken to Leoni, who kept her captive for questioning while the party ventured to Zora’s Domain so as to warn King Zora of the potential threat against his life.

Upon returning to Castle Town and proceeding towards Hyrule Castle, Namoori reunited with the party and persuaded them to accompany her inside the castle itself in a bid to locate an “important amulet”. After a few small encounters and much sneaking, they all arrived inside of the castle library. Soon enough, the party began to flee the library from an oncoming horde of cultists and Gerudo soldiers, leaving Namoori behind to continue searching for the amulet.


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