Leoni Loyahl

Royal Guard Captain


Leoni stands at 6"3’ in height, and is quite slim yet muscled under his gleaming armour. He is often seen wielding a simple spear. Much of his face is concealed by his sturdy helmet. His badge of honour, showing the Hyrule crest and adorned with various other symbols, denotes his position of authority.hylian_captain.png


Leoni Loyhal is the captain of the Royal Hylian Guard. He is a full-blooded Hylian male, age 40 with 20 years worth of service under his belt. His lawfully-good nature resonates clearly amongst those who have served closely with him, along with those whom he has protected from nuisances and threats alike. He’s not one to have ever longed for adventure; rather, his burning desire to defend the good people of Hyrule has kept him close to home, at times in direct service to the Royal Family. He bears little desire to engage in combat without knowing as much about the enemy as possible, and is deemed to be quite a good judge of character by those who know him well. Little to none is known about his family, though it is believed that he once fathered a child that now lives away from Hyrule Castle Town.

Leoni Loyahl

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