King Zora

King of Zora's Domain


Both taller and rounder than an average-sized Zora, King Zora stands at an impressive 6’6". His lack of mobility is a direct result of his hulking frame, brought on from a lavish, glutinous lifestyle.


For almost a century, King Zora has presided over much of the Eastern realm of Hyrule, his dominion stretching from Zora’s Domain to as far as Lake Hylia. Taking the throne early in life, he has long shunned the qualms and concerns of those who live outside his domain, preferring to maintain the peace and prosperity of his own society above all else. As such, he has rarely set foot outside of Zora’s Domain, only ever doing so at the will of King Hyrule himself. Given how successfully he has defended his Domain from invaders and other evil-doers, his confidence in the strength of his realm and its people has recently turned to pure arrogance.

This arrogance almost became the death of him, as our story’s own adventuring party attempted to warn him of the threat against his life. Choosing to overlook the threat at hand, King Zora was almost killed just beyond the reach of his guards, his life being saved by the very group who had attempted to warn him only a day prior. His fate now rests in the hands of the Domain’s Cleric, who assured all that their King’s life would be spared from the grim clutches of death.

King Zora

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