Kaepora Gaebora

A very large owl


Roughly three times the size of an average human, he otherwise possesses all the natural traits of a common owl.


An unusually large owl that has said to have existed for hundreds of years, overseeing the natural changes Hyrule has endured. He claims to have followed the party “for some time”, growing fond of them in the process, mostly for the fact that they are currently giving the strongest efforts in combating the evil that has established dominion over Hyrule Castle.

He noted that the magical scrolls that the party is currently in possession are, in fact, The Scrolls of the Sacred Realm, and that they are capable of being used to connect beings within Hyrule with the realm in which the Goddesses created when departing the natural world. He also mentioned that only a Sage would be able to unlock each scroll’s true power, and that a Sage did not currently stand among them.

Upon being shown the Staff of Khazash by Albus Severus Potter, Kaepora urged the Wizard to be careful with it, as it may contain the essence or presence of a Gerudo deity once worshiped and revered, as most were. “Control it, lest it control you.”

Kaepora offered to fly the party anywhere in Hyrule in order to aid them in their quest, but stood in wait for their return as they re-entered the Spirit Temple.

Kaepora Gaebora

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