Frodo Calatia

Mercenary Contractor


Frodo stands at 6"1’ in height and is adorned in tough leather armour. He is quite brawn, weilding a longsword (holstered on his back), a few daggers and a stern, tough look at all times. A dirty, tattered green cape is draped over his right shoulder and down is back. His hair is long, blonde and rather un-kept.mercenary.jpg


Frodo Calatia is a mercenary contractor located within Hyrule Castle Town. He is rather neutral by nature, mostly concerning himself only with the gold that he carries and earns. Given the nature of his trade, he is often eager to learn as much as possible about the wildlife that surrounds the Castle Town, and isn’t beyond venturing out and handling a contract or two by himself when he deems himself “available”. Those who inquire about his history and services are met with lavish tales of when he conquered terrifying beasts and large hordes of creatures in his younger days – despite all that, he believes that most of his fighting days are behind him, and that he can best continue to profit from the efforts of others.

Frodo Calatia

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