Legends of Hyrule

Session 39 Summary

A Rescue Mission

After a night spent resting upon the arm of the great statue standing outside at the forefront of the Spirit Temple, during which Albus Severus Potter bided his time spent out of sleep by throwing stones down towards Azir Salem, the party awoke and began some initial discussions with the newly-rescued Leoni Loyahl regarding his state of mind and what he could recall of his capture and fellow soldiers, learning that those of the royal guard who were not killed outright were instead imprisoned within the castle, while he alone was forced to march through the Gerudo Desert. At the near end of this conversation, the sound of beating wings could be heard somewhere overhead, the source of which could not be seen over the towering stone mountain. Thinking to inspect the source of the noise, Odaviing transforms into a small falcon and soars above the mountain, finding a gigantic owl perched on the mountaintop, staring at him with wide eyes. Terrified, Oda flew her way back down to the party, quickly changing back into Dragonborn form and relaying what he had seen to everyone else. Within moments, the owl flew its way down towards them, taking them further by surprise by calling out in the common tongue for them not to be afraid.

The owl perched himself nearby, then introduced himself as Kaepora Gaebora, a wise old bird who had long lived in and watched over Hyrule. He explained that he has feared the rise of Ganondorf for months now, and has seen much of the land become disturbed since his climb to power. Among the changes to the land, Kaepora had witnessed a collection of many different humanoid creatures being marched by the Gerudo across the desert, mostly seemingly female, including two blue humanoids most recently – a note that immediately strikes a cord with Albus and Talir. Immediately, the pair felt a rush of memories going through their heads, revolving around the recently-disappeared Princess Ruto and Talir’s daughter Areh, who was kidnapped long ago.

With this new information in hand, it became abundantly clear to the party that the lives of the lives of the innocent women, their Gerudo ally Namoori, as well as the potential fate of Ruto and Areh were all at stake, and that they needed to negate whatever plans the temple’s witches, Koume and Kotake, had formulated for them. With some assistance from Kaepora, the party descended back down to the ground in front of the temple, prompting Azir to rush up to them and ask if they’d yet found the “silver treasure” from the temple, to which Albus lied that they hadn’t. Kaepora promised to wait outside the temple for them, and so the party ventured back inside the temple.

Once back inside, Rocky equipped the Silver Gauntlets and found herself with even greater strength than she had previously possessed, and subsequently had no problem moving the large stone block that obstructed the path ahead, though not before finding some humour in seeing several other party members make an attempt at doing so. They quickly headed through the door at the end of the freshly-opened passage, re-entering the large chamber with the meditating female colossus statue. Here, they took some time to properly analyse their surroundings, with some of the party noting that the statue itself looked to become more and more brittle further up, though to what extent this was the case was disguised by the room’s general darkened state.

In the following chambers, the party met a small number of Anubis creatures and were forced to navigate their way around more pitfalls and devastating fire spells so as to lead them into particular fire traps; they then entered a room with five Armos statues surrounding a floor switch, four of which were animated and quickly destroyed by a well-placed fire spell. Once the animated statues were destroyed, the fifth statue was moved into the floor switch, releasing the bars that had been covering a nearby door, enabling them to head through.

In an instance of déjà vu, the party entered yet another stone hallways with a red carpet drawn down the center, surrounded by stone columns on either side, and resting before the feet of a large, heavily armoured humanoid with a large steel greataxe resting in its lap. As the being stood from its rocky throne, it cried out with an otherworldly roar as the party came to realise that they were facing down a true Iron Knuckle. In a quick moment of response, Oda used his magic to hasten Rocky the Rockette’s movements, enabling the Goron barbarian to charge at the menacing opponent before her. As she did so, Rocky found herself on the receiving end of several devastating greataxe swings, prompting her to retreat back slightly and immediately consume a healing potion.

To aid their large ally, both Talir and Leoni (after he had spent a moment of two shaking away the sense of fear at seeing the creature that he had once been forced to become) charged directly at the Iron Knuckle and began to lay their own blows into its armoured hide. Both Oda and Leiutentant Mae Lin kept their distances, utilising what magic they could wear it down from afar. Oda, in particular, found the use of his lightning magic to be particularly effective against the metallic opponent, dealing a significant amount of damage during the fray. Taking care to avoid as much of the Iron Knuckle’s swings as possible, even after it was forced to shed most of its armour so as to quicken its pace, the party managed to overcome the tainted warrior, watching as its shadowy figure melted away into nothingness, leaving only the shell of its armour and its greataxe behind; a powerful weapon that Rocky promptly picked up and took for her own use.

Venturing through the door behind the Iron Knuckle’s throne, the party emerged outside of the temple onto the opposite arm of the statue from the previous one that they’d discovered the Silver Gauntlets upon. On this arm, they found yet another chest with a shimmering golden sword inside, the Sun Blade, which Mae picked up and equipped by her side. Feeling weary from the previous battle, the party agreed to rest before venturing back inside the temple, allowing themselves time to recover in preparation for a confrontation with the vile witches.


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