Legends of Hyrule

Session 35 Summary

The Gerudo Trials (Part 1)

Test of Body
Rocky the Rockette is slowly led down a flight of stairs, travelling down into the depths beneath the Gerudo Fortress for several minutes. She soon stands on solid ground, feeling the tip of a sharp spear prodding slightly into her back. Instructed by a guard to remove her blindfold, she is then told to descent into the large pit that stood before her. As she did so, Rocky found herself standing in a pit of sand, littered with old, dry dones of varying shapes and, seemingly, species.

Before long, the echoing sounds of a steel gate opening from somewhere above the pit could be heard, and snapping of claws from an unseen monstrosity shattered the silence that followed. Bracing herself, Rocky gazed up at the large scorpion-like creature that began to descend into the pit, scaling the walls like a spider. The creature bore on its hide a sturdy, thick scale shell, with a single red eye sunk into the front of its face. Stepping into the pit, the creature struck out at Rocky with its two large claws, and lethal stinger, which seemed to ooze a green, poisonous liquid as it swayed and struck out. Rocky retaliated with her Megaton Hammer, taking the creature’s piercing blows while retaliating with brutal swings of her own.

After a series of melee exchanges, the creature scurried its way up the pit arena walls, taking aim at Rocky with its stinger before unleashing its poisonous ray, crippling much of Rocky’s health. Taking moments to recuperate with her stock of red potions, Rocky began utilising her javelins for a long-ranged assault, finding that her aim wasn’t quite as consistent as she’d hoped for. After finally Rocky managed to strike a number of severe blows into its shell, the creature shed away its defenses and unleashed a flurry of fast-paced strikes. Feeling herself on the edge of defeat, Rocky fought back and hammered home two brutal strikes with the Megaton Hammer, prompting the creature to retreat back up near the top of the pit. Clinging to the wall, the creature unleashed a final burst of poisonous energy, before Rocky flung her final javelin directly through the creature’s eye, ending its rampage and its life.

Taking a few moments to recover, Rocky chugged down another red potion before beginning to scale back up the pit. As she returned to the chamber entrance, the stone door opened before her, permitting her to re-ascend towards the sunlight above.

Test of Heart
Both Talir and Leiutentant Mae Lin had their blindfolds removed following a descent into the Gerudo Catacombs. They were instructed by a Gerudo guard to traverse the trial ahead of them, or they may yet never see the sun again. Gazing out upon the long, wide hallway ahead of them, various obstacles stood before them. A large chasm, over which platforms shifted in a circular pattern between both sides while supported by a chain mechanism, needed to be overcome. As Mae and Talir coordinated their movements, they took care to avoid the deadly gaze of a nearby Beamos statue, whose lightning attack may have proved fatal if they were targeted.

Overcoming the chasm, the pair now stood before a towering stone wall, ascending at least 150 feet high, and covered with various growths of vines, bramble and other weeds. Both Mae and Talir scaled the wall with relative ease, and found themselves staring down into a dark abyss; a pitfall with seemingly no end, save for a small and faint light that glowed far below. Various tests were undertaken, revealing that the drop fell a little more than 100 feet, with the light emitting a splashing sound when an item was thrown down the roughly 120 foot drop towards it. After some deliberation, Mae made the brash decision to leap towards the light below, successfully landing in a pool of water. As Talir attempted to follow, he suffered a harsh blow from a solid surface as he misplaced his jump, then struggled down to the same body of water that Mae paddled her way across.

Exiting the room, both Mae and Talir now found themselves standing before yet another chasm, with two rows of separated stone columns leading makeshift paths along the far left and right sides of the large room. Though neither path led to the door that stood in wait upon the other side, they observed that a separate pillar standing in the center of the large, dark descent seemed to bear openings for a bridge to extend, with the mechanisms for its activation potentially lying in wait across either path. Each took a side and began the leap across, activating switches along the way to as to extinguish flaming barricades on either side, freeing up more of the path for the other.

As Talir reached the final platform on his side, he was greeted by the screech of a creature dropping down on him from an opening in the ceiling above; a vicious Dinolfos. Despite enduring a few nasty cuts and scratches, Talir managed to overcome the beast, shoving its body into the seemingly endless decent below. He triggered another floor switch, enabling Mae to reach her final platform, and come face to face with her own Dinolfos opponent. This fight proved to be far more challenging for the foreign fighter, with the Dinolfos knocking her unconscious with a flurry of ravenous swipes. Thankfully, Talir ran to his ally’s rescue, putting down the vile creature and bringing Mae back to consciousness. The pair then activated the final switch, extending the drawbridge in the center of the room, and heading through into the next chamber.

Test of Soul
Albus Severus Potter and Odaviing have their blindfolds removed, finding themselves sealed in a large square chamber, the center of which contains a circle of 12 chests surrounding a monument with text engraved upon it. The text details the nature of the test before them, in that they must choose from the chests within the trial up to four times in order to find the key to their escape, or else be sealed within the temple forever. A nearby plaque with different text etched into it provided an important clue, as it noted that the number of chests within the trial corresponded to the number of rooms that were altogether contained. It was at this time that they also became aware that each room had a designated symbol that corresponded with the chests in the main room.

So Albus and Oda began to make their way progressively through a number of rooms, finding that each room contained a unique puzzle themed to the nature of the room, mostly requiring a simple enchantment to solve. Upon solving each puzzle, the pair were given a clue as to to whether each room’s corresponding chest was worth the time opening, with most seeming to imply that their chests were not worth the time or the risk. A small number of the rooms seemed to hint that their chests may provide some assistance in escaping from the trial, and these were also noted.

While they were able to solve a small few puzzles at first, they soon encountered certain rooms that bewildered them, including a room that featured a hallway of adjustable mirrors and a seemingly magical source of light in the room’s center; as they possessed no means of redirecting the light, they pushed on to explore further rooms, before redirecting their path in a different direction from the beginning chamber. Interestingly, they noted that their use of magic within the trial seemed to have become somewhat infinite, and that they were being fed stronger magical energies as they progressed deeper into the trial. Though the source was unclear, they felt somewhat determined to discover by what means they had been gifted stronger arcane abilities.

Their journey soon brought them to a puzzle room containing a stone guardian statue, in which they were required to put the statue “to rest”. After a thorough investigation of their surroundings, and some timely magic on Albus’ behalf, the pair gained quick access to the room’s clue, which explained that the chest that held the room’s symbol would “hold a tool that would brighten the way”. Taking some time to head back to the main chamber, Albus and Oda made the decision to open the chest that linked back to the stone guardian’s room, finding a Mirror Shield. Knowing that their chances of overcoming certain puzzles had likely improved, they quickly pushed further back into the trial, obsessed with finding a means of escape as quickly as possible…


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