Legends of Hyrule

Session 29 Summary (March 6)

Fresh Air and Fresh Faces

Not wishing for these horrific underground catacombs to become her tomb, Rocky sought to burst through the brick wall before her and provide both herself and her companions a means of escape. With one mighty thud, the Goron Barbarian used her brute force as she rolled directly into the wall, causing it to collapse almost entirely. Rocky, Talir, Amara and Impa then began the short journey through the tunnel ahead, soon arriving at the entrance used by Amara and Impa only an hour or so earlier. The small group ascended the rope and emerged into the Kakariko Graveyard more, soaking in the fresh air and mild warmth of what sunlight remained before the impending dusk. They each took a few moments to recuperate and view their surroundings before heading back down the path out of the Graveyard and towards Kakariko Village.

Back beneath the well at a slightly-earlier time, Albus, Mei, Lao and Xiao began to feel a unusual and alarming trebling all around them. They unanimously agreed that this was a sign of a major disturbance, and that their departure from the place should no longer be prolonged. While the two brothers gathered what belongings they could, along with the bodies of Kin and Shadow, Mei helped Albus to his feet and provided him with all of his original belongings. As Albus quickly prepared himself for the journey out of this dark place, his thoughts called back to a short time ago, to the moment when Amara made the bold decision to render her fellow party members helpless, strip them of their prized scrolls and leave them trapped beneath Kakariko’s well.

Back on the surface, Amara wandered to the road near the Death Mountain trail, arriving at a pre-scheduled meeting point at which she would trade The Magical Scrolls for a large sum of gold. A child greeted her, and took the scrolls while providing a heavy sack of what was presumably gold, eventually discovered to be mostly stones. Furious, Amara stormed back down to the village, heading into Impa’s home for a quiet drink to help calm herself.

At this stage, Talir chose to bid the party farewell as he opted to head out into Hyrule in search of his daughter, beginning with a dangerous journey back into enemy-controlled Castle Town. When returning to Impa’s home, Rocky became acquainted with the bard Cyrus von Belradg, who offered his services in exchange for the party aiding him in discovering the location of his lost love, Allira Nahla, as well as his former master Micheletto.

The group fought through a brief ghostly encounter before emerging from the open grave in Kakariko Graveyard, with Lao and Xiao taking the bodies of Kin and Shadow with them on their journey home while Albus and Mei headed into the village in search of Amara and the rest of the party. Their search brought them to Impa’s home, where Amara chose to flee into a nearby store. She is pursued by the party, even attempting to fire at them with her bow, before agreeing to parlay back at their room. A heated discussion ensues, before the party begrudgingly agrees to continue working together, particularly so as to retrieve the The Magical Scrolls.


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