Legends of Hyrule

Session 27 Summary (20/2)

At Death's Door

Staring into the mostly dark room before them, Rocky and Talir gazed upward at a single lantern that dangled mysteriously just above the inside of the room, not far from the opening in which they now stood. Choosing to avoid interacting with it, the pair instead opted to investigate the room in further detail, noting that there was a clear opening to their right – through which Talir detected the presence of several undead creatures – as well as a metal door directly ahead of them. Rocky saw fit to take the option that led away from the clear dangers of the right passage, and so rolled fiercely into the metal door ahead of them, breaking it entirely off its hinges.

Stepping over the smashed door, the pair now found themselves standing no longer on a stone surface, but rather on damp, natural earth. While moving through this new tunnel, they discovered various carvings on a nearby stone wall, which seemed to depict groups of both the living and the undead that had two very large, demonic-looking hands looming over each group. Not able to find a connection between the carvings and anything else that they’d previously seen, heard or read about, the pair continued down the passage, eventually coming across yet another metal door. Using his magic once more, Talir sensed that a large, undead presence was lurking in the next room. They also noticed through a small opening near the top of the door that the room itself was cloaked in an unnatural darkness. While originally unconvinced that entering the room would be a good idea, the echoing sounds of ReDead approaching from the tunnel behind them served as a motivator for them to proceed inside.

Back on the surface, Amara took time to speak to Impa, informing her that both Albus and Kin had “gone crazy” and “turned on her”, prompting her to escape them. Convinced that Amara had told the truth, Impa began rounding up several able-bodied men to assist with a retrieval mission while Amara slipped away to meet up with her contact, so she could then exchange the scrolls for the gold she was owed. At a location closer to the Death Mountain trail, Amara was met by a small boy, who promptly exchanged a pouch that presumably contained gold pieces for the scrolls. It was only after the boy left that she discovered that the pouch held only 10 gold pieces, and that stones had been used to add more weight to it. Feeling rather annoyed, Amara thought it best to rejoin Impa in her venture back down the well to, at the very least, keep up the appearance that she had been the victim in the previous encounter.

Once Amara and Impa had reached the bottom of the well, they discovered that the brick wall that Amara had moved through earlier had, in fact, sealed itself completely shut. Opting not to use explosives to breach the wall for the time being, Impa suggested that they seek an alternative route through the graveyard; a route that was only rumoured to have ever existed. They soon found that the graveyard was not entirely free of activity, as DampĂ© the gravekeeper had begun attempting to re-fill the plot that had previous been opened by Rocky and Talir, although the old man was quite unaware of exactly who or what had caused the grave to open up. He did, however, put it down to graverobbers, who had clearly used a rope to descend down into the “unusually-large grave”. Using this rope as a means of following the two party members, Amara and Impa headed down into the darkness, hoping to catch up to them before any danger could befall them.

In the meantime, Albus, Kin and Shadow began their ever-cautious walk through a small tunnel, emerging out into a much larger chamber that seemed as ancient as it did creepy. While the chamber curved in two separate directions around a large, walled-off room in the centre, each path was accompanied by a small trench, in which ever-so-slowly flowed a river of a green, steaming liquid. It took very little investigating on Albus’ part to determine that the liquid was a very strong acidic substance. Steering clear of the liquid, the trio veered to the left, heading along a narrow path that quickly led to a steel door. Taking care to check for traps, they took notice of a wire that appeared to weakly connect the door to the frame, clearly in place to detect and respond to the door opening. After taking some time to consider their options, Kin opted to send a fireball blazing towards the door, triggering whatever contraption was connected to it and culminating in a far larger explosion. With the passage ahead clear, and with the sounds of beating wings from a nearby passage echoing louder and louder with each passing second, the trio headed quickly inside, immediately ascending a stone staircase.

At the top of the stairs, the adventurers found themselves set before a dark crypt, with around a dozen coffins neatly placed in two rows leading up to the end of the narrow room. While both Albus and Kin took notice of a chest resting on the far side of the room, Albus took a particular interest in it, insisting that they make an effort to claim whatever rested inside of it; his logic being that “no one would have trapped that door for no reason”. Though Kin insisted that the wizard take care to avoid any traps, Albus showed little care for anything too far from the staircase. In moving so hastily, Albus appeared to disturb whatever may have been resting in two of the coffins at the time, as two mummified creatures, Gibdos, emerged from them and began advancing towards him.

Though the two magical allies held themselves fairly well for some time, the odds soon tipped against their favour as a second pair of Gibdos emerged from another set of coffins further down the room, one of which held a large greatsword in its undead hands. After incurring a cursed swipe from one of the creatures, Albus succumbed to the difficulty of the situation before him, collapsing into unconsciousness. Regrettably, this left Kin and Shadow to defend themselves, culminating in the death of the Kokiri and his wolf companion. With Albus’ fate left in unknown hands, only time would tell if he would ever awaken and escape from the nightmarish sanctum.


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