Legends of Hyrule

Session 26 Summary (6/2)

The Nightmares are Real

While most of the party members slept rather soundly that night, it wasn’t entirely uneventful for some. Kin tossed and turned throughout the long hours, seeing haunting visions of disturbing, shadowy creatures crawling forth from Kakariko’s well. In a separate room, Costanza prepared her travelling gear, wrote a heartfelt goodbye to her lover and former adventuring companions, and set forth into the night, determined to return to her kind.

Though most of the party seemed confused by Costanza’s sudden departure, Rocky felt little more than enraged at the notion that her greatest ally and partner in life had abandoned her. After listening to Kin’s less-than-vivid descriptions of the nightmares that he experienced during the previous night, the party collectively thought it best to investigate a two possible sources of the evil that seemed to be lurking within the village; namely, the well and the local graveyard. They decided to have Albus, Amara and Kin investigate beneath the well, allowing Rocky and Talir to check out the graveyard.

Once at the bottom of the well, it quicly became apparent to the trio (plus Shadow, of course), that they were now entering a more elaborate dungeon of sorts. Proceeding down a dark, cold, yet smoothed-out tunnel, they came upon a brick wall with a single stone tablet imprinted in the center of it, which read: “Things are not always as they appear.” Interpreting this as a sign of an illusion present before them, the small group proceeded to walk directly through the seemingly-physical brick wall, emerging into a new, small room that led into a much larger chamber up ahead, from which a green glow could be seen.

Before having the chance to advance further, Amara saw her opportunity to follow through on her contractual obligation to take the magical scrolls from the party’s possession. To do so, she threw down a magical brew that blinded both Albus and Shadow, then casted Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Kin, leaving him in hysterics as she snatched the scrolls from Albus’ grasp and proceeded back through the brick wall, soon returning to the Village’s surface.

Once free of their magical hindrances, Albus and Kin both found themselves unremarkebly enraged, and saw fit to do whatever was necessary to recover the scrolls from Amara, who had undoubtedly been the one who had assailed them with spells and trickery to take the magical items from them. When attempted to head back through the brick wall from whence they’d came in, they discovered that the wall had somehow become solid and, in fact, rather immovable. Finding no alternative plan, they decided that it was in their best interests to push through the dungeon that now lay before them, bearing hope that they may find a different way of escaping the dreaded place and seek out Amara before she had a chance to flee too far.

In the meantime, both Rocky and Talir crept their way through the graveyard, bypassing an old shack and several uninteresting plots and tombstones before coming upon a large, well-kept memorial on the far side of the path from the village. The memorial noted that this particular plot was the resting place of an old solider of the Hylian Guard, Torgaz Cyrol, who was noted for his “immense bravery” in an old civil war. Talir took particular notice of a small plaque on the ground nearby, which bore a striking resemblance to one that sat before the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Taking a chance on it having a similar magical reaction to a particular song, Talir whistled the very tune that would normally be used to open passage to the Domain, which now caused a very severe shake in the earth beneath their feet. This quake ultimately caused much of the dirt in front of the memorial stone to crumble down into a cavern below, which both Rocky and Talir decided it would be worthwhile exploring. Fashioning a hemp rope to the stone, the pair descended down, finding themselves at the beginning of a rather lengthy tunnel.

As they moved through the tunnel, both of them took notice of various red symbols having been drawn on to the walls around them. What was most striking about these symbols wasn’t even the fact that they depicted the Sheikah logo, but that they seemed to have been drawn in fresh blood. Coming at last to the end of the tunnel, they pulled away a skull that had been planted in the center of the stone before them, revealing a large lever. At the same time, Talir determined through his magic that an undead presence lurked behind the wall, and so they both prepared for an imminent battle as Rocky pulled back the lever, watching the wall slowly open up to reveal a new room to explore.


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