Legends of Hyrule

Session 25 Summary (30/1)

Old Faces and New Fears

While surveying the force that stood before the villagers of Kakariko, it became clear to our party that one particular cultist stood out from the mass – which numbered at around 20. This cultist spoke with a cold, piercing voice, informing the villagers that they could either surrender control of the village to the King of the West, or be slaughtered in an instant. As Impa stood out from the crowd before this man, insisting that neither she or her fellow people would bow to the desires of “madmen”, the cutlist sneered before giving instruction for the surrounding mercs and Gerudo soldiers to begin marching forward.

Before any innocent blood could be shed, an arrow flew fast from an unknown bow in the midst of the villagers, quickly prompting a large-scale battle between the activated party members and precariously-positioned invading force. To tip the scales back in their favour, the leading cultist unleashed a Minotuar from within a large steel crate, which quickly found its attention taken by a mysterious elf woman who was darting throughout the crowd, firing arrow after arrow at the invaders. Taking a unique approach, Kin set about charming both the cultist and his Minotaur under control, enabling the remaining party members to slaughter what now remained of the invaders.

In the midst of speaking to the cutlist in an effort to learn more about the pressing situation in Hyrule, as well as Rocky attempting to lure the Minotaur back into its steel prison, the party quickly found themselves under assault by the beast once more, with the charm in place seemingly broken by yet another arrow shot. Finding no alternative, they disposed of the creature, along with its master, and proceeded to determine exactly who had been firing these arrows.

A conversation soon opened up between the party and Impa, they were all also introduced to the elf woman, Amara, who seemed to be quite secretive about her intentions in being in Kakariko, inserting herself into the fray, and from where she had come from. Following this mildly-awkward introduction, the party pressed Impa for any information that she may have had regarding the magical scrolls that they currently possessed, of which she didn’t seem to know a great deal of new information; rather, she advised them that the riddles contained on each parchment may refer to a location each, as opposed to a person or item, and that discovering these locations may very well reveal further secrets.

As the sun began to set, the party began its treck towards Impa’s home, of which they’d been told had become rather crowded so as to accommodate the large number of refugees who had managed to flee Castle Town and reach Kakariko safely. They also found themselves accompanied by Amara, despite no individual outside of Talir showing much (if any) trust in her at this stage. Before veering towards Impa’s home, a few of them took notice of various individuals behaving rather strangely around the town’s well – notably, a crowd of women were sobbing fiercely close by it, and an old man was staring quite intently down the bottom of it. Upon investigating, it became clear that the well had all but dried up, and that the old man appeared to be in a trance that was caused by something beneath the well, despite being blind. Even as Kin attempted to splash water across the old man’s face in an effort to break the spell’s effect, it appeared to have no lasting effect. Sensing that little else could be done for the moment, the party made their way to Impa’s home, agreeing that the well should be investigated further the next morning.

During their stay, the party also discovered through Impa’s knowledge that there were certain unnerving superstitions that hung over the town’s well (and, by extension, the village itself) like a bad omen. The tale of a young girl who went missing beneath the well, only to reappear occasionally and haunt the villagers, particularly sent chills down several spines. Hoping to put their unease aside, the group departed for their respective bedrooms, and took rest for the evening.


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