Legends of Hyrule

Session 24 Summary (23/1)

On the Brink

Stepping into the tent with the red-robed cultist, a black parchment was brought out of a storage crate and placed on to the table before the party. Before investigating it further, several of the companions inquired about the strange knife that looked to have been stabbed into the top of the table, which the cultist explained to be a ceremonial weapon that would be used in extracting the souls of those that it pierced. Leaving the dagger be for the moment, the party members turned their gaze towards the parchment, which the cultist revealed to be a map that showed all of Hyrule, although it was painfully clear to several of them that the man was attempting to hide certain information from them. What they were able to notice at the time was that several glowing markers on the map appeared to indicate the location of large settlements within Hyrule, including Cast Town, Goron City, Zora’s Domain, and more.

As the map was magically cleared, the party demanded to know what incantation would be necessary to read it once more. Seeing through a blatant attempt to lie to them, Rocky insisted that the cultist be more upfront with them. While, ultimately, they did receive the correct incantation, the cultist still attempted to flee, resulting in his untimely death at the hands of our heroes.

With a new map in hand and a clear path ahead, the party continued their journey towards Kakariko Village, this time with Kin and Shadow back at their sides. Upon reaching Kakariko, they were met with yet another tense scenario; namely, a legion of Gerudo soldiers and mercenaries, along with a large, steel crate, all of whom stood before a larger-than-normal crowd of villagers.


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