Legends of Hyrule

Session 23 Summary (16/1)

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

Given the party’s reunion with Kin, they now found themselves in possession of all six magical scrolls – five of which they were able to translate with Albus’ help; sadly, one scroll appeared to have been written in some form of code. After a lengthy discussion, during which theories regarding the scrolls’ meaning were exchanged, the group decided that Kin’s desertion would be dismissed for the time being, and that they would have to work together once more to escape the confines of the cell if they had any hope of reaching Kakariko Village.

A plan was quickly forged that would see Kin use a Flaming Sphere spell as a distraction of sorts – as well as a means of incinerating over half of the camp’s tents – while Rocky used her brute strength to smash through the cell, which seemed to be made of an old, corroding metal. The plan went off without a hitch, mostly, save for a scrape or two at the hands of their captors, all of whom were cut down or burned alive by Kin’s giant fireball (not to be mistaken for a Fireball spell – this thing was more alike to a small, floating sun). with the exception of a single Cultist, who was tortured into agreeing to tell the party everything he knew about Hyrule’s situation, and the roles that the Followers of the Flame, the Gerudo, and even Ganon himself were playing in the process. Furthermore, he agreed to show them a map of cultist locations, taking them into a large, red tent, in which stood a single table, upon which a dagger had been planted and surrounded by candles.


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