Legends of Hyrule

Session 22 Summary (9/1)

A Dying City

Forced into action, our party began fending off several waves of flaming corpses that ultimately proved to be far weaker than they appeared. At this stage, the group decided rather quickly that they should head back into Castle Town, then begin the journey back towards Kakariko Village in the hope of finding Impa, and hopefully a few answers as to exactly what has occurred.

Once back on the streets, the group ran into a entirely new monstrosity – a zombie-like creature known as a ReDead. Though finding it utterly terrifying, and a little too intimate for their liking, the lone creature wasn’t enough to trouble them for long. After encountering a larger group of ReDeads, the companions decided to take refuge outside of the Temple of Time, ever-cautious of what evil may have overtaken the (potentially) once-pure structure. During this short rest, Albus began to translate the three scrolls that were in his possession, prompting much discussion amongst the group as to what the riddles that each was inscribed with may refer to. Before coming to a conclusion on the matter, they began to hear a familiar voice chanting inside of the temple, prompting them to enter and investigate.

Inside the Temple of Time, the party found that Durian was still alive, and appeared to be in control of the sacred place for the time being. During a conversation with the cleric, they discovered that Ganon had, indeed, taken hold over the Kingdom of Hyrule, with the fate of the King or any other local being left completely unknown for the time being. In deciding on a course of action, Durian recounted the tale of “the Blade of Evil’s Bane”, which was said to rest beyond the sealed doors inside the Temple in which they now stood, but that reaching the blade would require three spiritual stones, which were said to be in the possession of the elders of the Kokiri, Goron and Zora tribes. Though Talir took an interest in the blade and spiritual stones, it was decided that it would be best to stick to the current plan in locating Impa back in Kakariko Village. Taking a few more healing potions and rations, the party set forth from the Temple, getting past more ReDeads and fleeing from the sounds of various enemies that were some distance behind them.

Once back out in Hyrule Field, the party immediately moved towards Kakariko. On the journey, they came upon a large, newly-established camp that seemed to be littered with Gerudo soldiers and mercenaries. Unable to sneak past the camp, the group was quickly captured and confined to a large cell in between the circle of large tents, and were stripped of their weapons and equipment in the process. While inside the cage, Rocky took notice of Shadow sitting near the cage wall, directly in front of an unusual mound of Earth. It was quickly discovered that the mound was, in fact, Kin, who seemed to have also been captured while attempting to head back to the Kokiri Village.


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