Legends of Hyrule

Session 17 Summary (21/11)

Beans and Bad Things

After a few introductions, Impa revealed that she was searching along Zora’s River for any sign of Frodo, the party’s own mercenary contractor, who had disappeared since being sent by Leoni to meet with the Zora King. With there still being no sign of him, she explained that she would move ahead of the party on the following day so as to keep a distance and maintain herself (and her protective guards) out of sight. Before then, they all agreed to take rest for the evening, setting up a rotation for people to sleep or keep watch for the evening. During the night, Shadow picked up on the sounds of creatures moving about near the river ahead of them, but no action was taken at the time, and Rocky went the entire evening without gaining a moment of sleep.

The next morning, Impa and her followers moved out roughly an hour before the party. As the mercenaries made their first few strides up the river, Shadow remained on high-alert for what he had heard the night before, prompting Kin and Talir to investigate their surroundings. In doing so, Talir noticed that there were two creatures hiding at the bottom of the river, which, after moving in to get a closer look, turned out to be a couple of River Zora, who proceeded to attack the party unsuccessfully, being slain a short time later.

After less than an hour’s walk, the party came across a large fence which prevented them from moving ahead on their current path without crossing directly through the river itself, with a short bald man seated in front of it. The man, though rather heavily engaged in eating a seemingly endless supply of strange beans from a small bag, proved to be of little help to them in finding out any useful information whatsoever, let alone how they might proceed forward. Noticing that the man was under a strange influence that seemed to stem from the beans that he was eating, both Luth and Talir spent five gold coins each in buying a bean for each of them. While Luth simply ate his bean, leading to him experience a brief euphoric rush of seeing brighter colours, Talir chose to plant his bean in a soft patch of soil near the large fence, then water it. After he did so, the plant grew a lengthy stalk at an astonishing speed, finishing five feet above the top of the fence, allowing most party members to simply climb up the beanstalk and jump or climb their way over the fence, while those others who were more adept at swimming simply went through the river and around to the other side.

Further ahead, after crossing a couple of bridges so as to navigate their way up-river, the party came across a relatively small swamp-like area where the water remained much calmer by comparison to the rapidly-running river that they had followed up until then. Once there, they encountered several Blue Tektikes, which proved to be of little challenge to them, being entirely disposed of from a distance.

Once beyond the swampy area, roughly half a day’s worth of journeying was made before the party stumbled upon the final up-hill stretch before they would come upon the entrance to Zora’s Domain. Before reaching the entrance, several voices could be barely heard over the top of a the crashing sounds of a waterfall, prompting Kin and Shadow to scout ahead of the others as stealthily as they could possibly have been. They soon noticed that three cloaked individuals stood on a platform that rested roughly ten feet from the waterfall, hearing feminine voices that were discussing ways in which the entrance to the Domain could be reached.

Rather than engage them immediately, Kin left Shadow behind to alert the others, bringing them quietly up the hill and within firing range. Two of the three were quickly disposed of, with Kin utilising a Spike Growth spell to contain the three while several arrows were fired at them, when the party chose to interrogate the third and final individual, who revealed herself as a Gerudo. Being annoyingly ambiguous about who she had been taking orders from, the person being someone that gave orders to the cultist leader, Regol, she chose to avoid being captured by Talir and dove into the river in an attempt to escape.


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