Legends of Hyrule

Session 13 Summary (17/10)

The Fall of the Followers (Part 1)

Talir and Rocky both moved directly towards the Gerudo thieves who now stood at either side of Regol, looking to dispose of them quickly. They were also met by a Gerudo Captain, who appeared to be rather adept at melee combat. As Talir attempted to engage one of the Gerudo women, Regol unleashed the first of his arsenal of spells by paralyzing the Zora, rendering him rather vulnerable to attacks from the surrounding enemies. In response to this, Kin moved quickly over to Talir and administered a healing spell to him, while Rocky used her incredible strength by lifting the Zora up and throwing him to a safe distance. Though safe for the time being, Talir was still bound by Regol’s magic as the cult leader maintained his focus on the spell.

Within the next few minutes, both of the Gerudo thieves were disposed of, thanks to Costanza’s frost magic and a well-placed arrow from Luth, and Rocky had begun to directly engage the Gerudo Captain in physical combat. As this hand-to-blade exchange occurred, both Costanza and Kin attempted to aid their Goron companion with fireballs (which, at one stage, resulted in a tapestry catching fire) and poison magic, but found it rather difficult to assail the Captain with magical spells. Meanwhile, Regol found himself being set-upon by Shadow (after being rather unsuccessful with a few different spells aimed at various party members), knocking him prone before having the chance to counter with a Command spell, rendering the wolf prone. As Talir moved in to assist Shadow, Regol took an opportunity to open up yet another magical doorway, stepping through it and disappearing out of sight.

Unknown to Luth, who had stood back close to the staircase so as to fire arrows from a distance, Regol had appeared directly behind him, and swiftly sunk a poisonous dagger into his back, rendering him unconscious immediately. Immediately afterwards, Regol drew back his hood, revealing a strange, blue face that immediately began shape-shifting and changing colour until it was an exact replica of Luth’s, with no other party members witnessing any of Regol’s actions after first disappearing.


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